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In 19 Out Of 128 Prior Years Lake Winnipesaukee (N.H.) Ice-Out Had Already Happened By April 9.

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by Anura Guruge

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Yes, of course, particularly given the the snow last night and the lingering cold temperatures, I invariably devote a few seconds a day thinking about when we might get ice-out on the BIG Lake, Lake Winnipesaukee — especially since I want to work out when I should stop thinking about walking on the ice.

Given that I have an Excel spreadsheet of all the ice-out dates going back 128 years, I just did a quick ‘look’. Things in 2015 are not as bleak as they first appear. We have only had ice-out, by now, in 19 (of the 128) prior years. So that is not bad.

The median day for ice-out (depending on whether it was a leap year or not) is April 16/April 17. So we still have nearly a week.

The average for ice-out is April 19. That is 10 days away.

So now YOU TOO know.