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TDS Telecom’s 1 Gigabit Internet To Alton, N.H. Delayed Until ‘Spring’ 2016.

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by Anura Guruge

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delayed221Having been with TDS for nearly 6 years (starting off with Union Tel. which was acquired by TDS) I think I know TDS better than most that work for TDS.

So when I was told (maybe even ‘promised’) 1 Gigabit Internet in Alton, New Hampshire by October 2015 — with the possibility of being able to beta test it in august 2015 — I took it with a LARGE grain of salt. I just knew it was too good to be true. Lets face it. TDS had been promising me 25Mbps Internet for years and that never came.

That is why, after some intense agonizing, I went with MetroCast’s 75Mbps in January of this year. Other than the 2 weeks of HELL I went through in late February when the service was either down or slow, they have, to my immense surprise and delight, managed to maintain a very stable service with NO bandwidth degradation. Yes, it is true that I use my own ARRIS/Motorola SurfBoard SB6141 to get maximum channel bonding. That said, I have not seen any significant bandwidth drop even on a Saturday night. So I am happy with the MetroCast 75Mbps. Credit where credit is due.

That said I decided to get a 15Mbps Fiber connection from TDS in ADDITION to my 75Mbps from MetroCast! 

More on that on a different post SOON.

But while ordering the 15Mbps AND DISH (via TDS because I will get a $100 bill credit next month for doing that) I got the scoop on the 1 Gigabit.

It has been delayed. No surprise. I knew that was inevitable. There are now talking ‘Spring’ 2016 BUT somebody else, in the field, said ‘this time next year’ — meaning June.

Appears that there is some politics at play to do with Towns and the monopoly agreement that carriers sign with them.

Seems Chichester, N.H., now has 1 Gigabit as does New London.

I also got a PRICE. It will be around $123/month BEFORE taxes.

I will keep you posted.

First Forray With Walmart Straight Talk, Phones & Service, Was A Total Disaster.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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We are not big phone users, I even more so than Deanna. Anybody who has tried to call me would have realized that I am in no way tied to my cell. Unless I am at this PC and my cell happens to be close by, my cell and I are usually not in the same place. I can go for days without ever picking it up. I have never texted and have no desire. Though I was involved with computer support for decades I refused to carry a pager. E-mail is my preferred means of communication. We have an 800 minute plan (or similar) with U.S. Cellular and typically use about 200 minutes a month. But, we pay $80+ a month to U.S. Cellular — and that is not because I am calling Sri Lanka (which I don’t do often). I have been with them for about 14 years! We also have a TDS landline (and pay for two) which we hardly ever use.

straighttalkSo every once in awhile I get on a kick to reduce our cell bill. Last week (or the week before) we had a visit from two of Deanna’s aunts from Maine and Maryland. The one in Maine has been a department manager at Walmart for 7 (or 9) years. She told me I should switch to Straight Talk with the $30 a phone plan. She had been using Straight Talk for a number of years — albeit with the $45, unlimited plan. So, I checked it out — with some trepidation. Once I determined that they support cell number transfer I decided to give it a try, especially because Deanna’s aunt was getting a good (AT&T) signal at the house. So, as ever, I did some poking around. The ONLY way I could beat my U.S. Cellular rate was to go with this $30 refurbished phone plan — which included the first month free. It was essentially a free refurbished Motorola phone with the first month of service. I had Motorola phones for years and was kind of partial to them. We currently have LG phones that look just like old Motorola phones. Plus, Motorola used to be a very good client.

STphoneSo I ordered two of the $30 refurbished phones last Wednesday. They came in the mail Saturday. I charged them for about 8 hours. Noticed that one phone didn’t start charging for about 10 minutes while the other started immediately. My antennae went up. Last night before I went to bed, i.e., around 1 am, I checked both phones. They were both fully charged.

This morning I went to activate them and transfer the numbers. Was NOT good. I was NOT impressed.

1. Said that my Alton zip, 03809, was NOT supported! That really got me mad. I had never seen a warning that this service was only available in certain areas. I decided to take a chance and gave it a Concord ZIP. It took that.

2. Then I got a Server Error and lost all of the data I typed. By now I was not amused.

3. Finally entered all the data required to transfer the cell number and hit enter. Nothing happened. Checked the phone. It was DEAD as a doornail. The other one was fine. There was NO way I could bring this one back to life. I plugged it back in. Nothing. Yes, I could have swapped batteries, but I would still have ended up with a dead phone.

Nothing happened with my activation, transfer etc. because the phone wouldn’t power-up. I am not impressed.

Yes, immediately got an RMA from Walmart online. No hassles there. I can return the phones at any store.

But, I lost an hour. I am not amused.

A pox on Straight Talk.