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Piano Movers: Lakes Region, NH

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

Devanee took piano lessons a few years ago, but as with the flute lessons last year, she was not that motivated. We had got Devanee a mid-range electric keyboard which was downstairs in the family room and had not been touched by Devanee in years. Teischan, however, has always messed about on it. Earlier this year she kept on saying she wanted piano lessons. It took us a while to find one because the lady who taught Devanee was no longer doing lessons. Tesichan was getting so desperate that she convinced Devanee to teach her and with numbers pasted on the keyboard Teischan could play a few recognizable ditties.

Then we finally hooked up with Siroun Braun at the Alton Dance Academy. We had known of her, but wasn’t sure whether she was taking any new students or would accept a student who didn’t have a real piano at home. Neither proved to be an issue. She has been great and Deanna thinks the world of her. Teischan, though she will sometimes claim otherwise, loves her lessons. Unlike Devanee she will practice; daily, most of the time. From the start Siroun had told Deanna about the availability of free pianos and had even given her a list. The BIG issue was getting them moved. We had made a few calls. One of our neighbors was thinking about selling us her spinet. Then two weeks ago another neighbor told Deanna that she had a spinet, in very good condition, that we could have for free.

They are on the same road as us, at most 1/2 mile down the road. But, the issue was getting it moved. I have too much hands on experience with movers. So I was from the start skeptical and wary. Deanna, online, found a company in Nashua with a flat rate $250 for piano moving but the difficulties with getting in touch with them did not inspire confidence. Then she found another company that wanted $350. That was crazy. I wanted to hire 4 local ‘kids’ and give them $250. But, Deanna wanted the insurance coverage. I had used William C. Huff movers multiple times in NH with very good luck but they, alas, they don’t seem to understand the notion of an estimate. Last time around, in 2007, the owner, who I have known for years, came and gave us an estimate for ~$1,500. Then once everything was in the truck he gave me a bill that was over twice that! I then remembered they had done this to me the previous move also. They are very nice people and do a great job. But, I wasn’t going to deal with that.

Devanee and Deanna Googled again and found these ‘1st Class Movers‘ in Northwood, NH. Deanna spoke with them and was impressed. They accepted Visa and was adamant that it was $250. They were also willing to do it quickly, within a few days. Deanna signed a contract.

They were going to come at 8:30 am on Thursday to pickup the piano.

I do not like to be woken BEFORE 8 am because I don’t go to sleep much before 1 am. Deanna gets back from taking Teischan to school around 8:10. So these days that is when I get woken up. I didn’t see any need to change my routine. They couldn’t be here, with the piano, much before 8:50.

As it transpired they were way early. They were here around 7:45 and Deanna saw them as she was leaving to drop Teischan off. Luckily the neighbor was at home and cooperated. The piano was delivered and moved into place by 8:20. I didn’t have to do anything but give them a non-monetary tip.

They told us that they charge a 3% surcharge on credit card payments. They hadn’t mentioned that earlier. As it transpired they billed us $261. $11 on $250 is 4.4%, not 3%; but c’est la vie. I have learned that arithmetic with movers is a moveable feast. So I am just glad that I got whacked this time around for a couple of dollars.

The move as far as I can see was smooth, fast, uneventful and painless. It was done by just two men, albeit with all the right equipment. They didn’t do nay damage to the piano or the house. So that was another plus. So, on the whole we are happy, we are impressed and with this post we will even recommend them.