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The FUNNIEST Video Clip Of 2013 (Even With The Vatican): Jon Stewart, Last Night, On ‘Mittens’ ‘Open Spaces’ & ‘HooMans’. Please Watch.


Anura Guruge

I happened to catch this clip, on ‘Morning Joe‘, on MSNBC, this morning.

I had to watch it over and over again. I was lying in bed (as I am wont to do in the morning), clutching my cup of coffee (kindly provided by my dear wife). I had to put the cup down (on its electric heater) because I was in paroxysms of laughter. It just cracked me up. I laughed, I laughed and I laughed a bit more. Oh, Jon Stewart. I like his stuff on the pope too. I post that on my pope blog. All the good Catholics that read that blog, and we are talking 3,000 a day, dare not visit any joke, uncatholic sites. But, it is OK if they watch it on my site, because mine is a pope site. So, I do this as a public service. Put all the pertinent joke videos on my blog. Whatever anybody says, I always aim to make people happy. But, poor ol’ Mormon Mitt. I am sorry, but he just makes me laugh and all of those that rally though that he could beat my man, my President.

Click to access this MUST SEE video. Start at minute 5:00. You will thank me. you are Welcome.

Click to access this MUST SEE video. Start at minute 5:00. You will thank me. you are Welcome.


There Is Now A FireFox 16.0.2 BUT I Have Not Installed. Worried What It Will Do.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

Click to access Mozilla FireFox release note page.

After nearly a decade of being a beta tester and a recipient of AUTOMATED FireFox updates, just 2 days ago I changed my preferences in FireFox ‘options’ so that I get notified of updates, but they are not automatically installed.

So, a few minutes ago I got a notification that FF 16.0.2 was available — which is not a surprise given what a disaster 16.0.1 has proved to be. I am going to be cautious. I will wait to read reaction on the Web BEFORE I do the deed.

So, this is a heads up to you all. PLEASE share your experiences with FireFox 16.0.2, hopefully ALL GOOD, with us. I will post them for you.

Thank you. Cheers, Anura.