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Barnstead, To Their Credit, Is Celebrating ‘Pi Day’. Alton Is Not Even Having A ‘Pie Day’. They Are Having Nachos. No Kidding.


  Anura Guruge

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Tomorrow, 3.14, i.e., March 14 (3/14) is World ∏ Day.

Many school districts exploit it as a good excuse to revel in the sheer sensual pleasure of mathematics.

I was delighted to see that Barnstead is doing so. Kudos, Barnstead.

Not so Alton. I had at least hoped that Alton might make it Pie Day. Not even that. We checked, printed timetable and online. No mention.

But, then again, Alton probably doesn’t have to celebrate math.

I went and just checked to make sure. Alton’s much vaunted Prospect Mountain High School (PMHS). 44% of Juniors proficient in Math in the NECAP testing! Is that good? They probably should be treated to pies. Lots of them.

Click to access the February 28, 2013 'The Baysider' to read the original article.

Click to access the February 28, 2013 ‘The Baysider’ to read the original article.

C’est la vie.