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Trump Intends To Outdo The Vatican This Christmas With BIGGEST EVER Nativity Scene & Tree.

by Anura Guruge

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Some of the DETAILS.

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Trump wants 2019 — ahead of the 2020 presidential elections — to be remembered as a year of CELEBRATIONS. The mighty preparations for the HUGE parade and party, in D.C., for the 4th of July, is already well under way. May World leaders, including Russia’s Putin, have already been invited.

Now, Trump wants to finish off the year with an over-the-top Christmas extravaganza. One that will be talked about for CENTURIES to come. He wants it to be the BIGGEST and BOLDEST ever. Even bigger than the first one. Cost is not going to be an issue. No, the poor taxpayers are NOT going to be paying. It is going to be easily, but lavishly, funded by Trump’s many rich friends and followers.

This will be quite the thing. D.C. will be mobbed.

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by Anura Guruge

Microscopic Nativity Scene From Lithuania For Pope Francis, For Christmas 2017.

by Anura Guruge

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luckily you do NOT need a microscope.

Click image to access the full AP (i.e., Associated Press) story.

When I first saw this, on Google News, I thought it was an hoax. But, it was from the AP and it was December 23 and NOT April 1. But, I being who I am, checked around. This is legit.

It being Christmas there is a tradition of giving creative nativity scenes to the pope at Christmas. But, this has to take the cake. Very clever. Now, how are other countries going to top this in coming years. Yes, somebody could create something spectacular in space.

Yes, it also reminded me of the “Emperor’s New Clothes“. But, people can check it out.

Cute. I like it. Wish I could see it for real. Funny, can’t find it, as yet, on YouTube.

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by Anura Guruge