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Delta Airlines’ Power Hit Fiasco Proves That Today’s Corporations Sacrificing Mission Criticality For Profit.

by Anura Guruge


From the BBC reporting on today’s “6-hour” meltdown. Google for much, much more.


Click to ENLARGE and read here. From a document I wrote in 2004 — 12 years ago.

That all of Delta’s systems went down — for at least 6 hours — when their main datacenter in Atlanta, Georgia, got hit by lightning is LUDICROUS.

Since the advent of high-speed, high-capacity optical fiber-based networks in the 1990s we have had the technology, expertise and experience to implement ‘mission-critical’, ‘zero-downtime’, ‘disaster recovery’, mirrored data centers to avoid exactly this type of meltdown.

My speciality in those days, when I was “Mr. SNA” for over 20 years, were these so called ‘Mission Critical’ networks. Systems/Networks that could NOT be down for much more than a FEW MINUTES since such an outage would adversely impact the business mission of an enterprise. This was particularly true for airlines, banks, financial institutes.

That Delta does not have a mirrored data center operation is SAD but telling.

Mirrored, disaster recovery data center operations are HUGELY expensive. No question about that.

So Delta like so many other corporations of today are forgoing ‘mission criticality’ in the interest of profits.

Basically Delta is saying that they are WILLING to take this type of hit, every few years, rather than spend tens of millions of dollars more, EACH YEAR, on maintaining mirrored data centers.

I just wanted YOU to know that this Delta fiasco was eminently avoidable.

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by Anura Guruge

Network (Wi-Fi/Ethernet) Speed/Bandwidth Test For Roku With “Speed Test” App.

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by Anura Guruge

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This APP really should be a built-in standard feature within the Roku System menu. It is not.

Roku, in its ‘Network’ menu, does NOT provide a speed test/bandwidth test — and one really is handy if you are having loading or image quality issues (as can often be the case with say Sling). I had been using an external speed test whilst promising myself that I will check to see if I can get a Roku ‘App’ [actually a channel].

It is easy enough to find IF you Google it.

It is a PRIVATE channel. So it has to be installed from a PC. You need to be able to logon to your Roku account — i.e., you need to know your password.

Other than that it is easy enough. On the Roku, on the System menu, click ‘Check UPDATES’ to force the Roku to download and install the App.

You will love it.

Dish HD Picture Quality Inferior To That Of DirecTV (or Roku 3/Amazon Prime) — June 2015.

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by Anura Guruge

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directvdish1212We have had Dish HD TV (again) since last Thursday, June 4, 2015. I had finally managed to cancel my accursed and detested DirecTV account on May 31 — 3 weeks ahead of schedule. Just a few minutes ago Deanna took the pre-paid box with the two Genie receivers to the Post Office. No doubt DirecTV will find something wrong with them and charge me for it. What is new. That is all that DirecTV did for 2 years — lied and cheated at each and every turn.

Well, I am back with Dish. Yes, they are no angels either, BUT I don’t think they are as bad as DirecTV. Maybe I will learn.

But we noticed something right away.

Dish Network picture quality is POOR — one could even say downright bad!

Compared to DirecTV HD it is about 50% as good. I guess they just don’t transmit as much bandwidth.

This may come as a surprise but quality of a HD picture is DEPENDENT on how much resolution is transmitted!

Yes, every once in a while I have seen Dish do decent HD — typically at night during prime time. During the day their HD really sucks.

I remember this NOW from when we switched to DirecTV two years ago. Despite all the other problems with DirecTV we all could BUT not notice that the picture quality was stunningly vivid.

Well we are back to ‘so so’ HD with Dish.

No it is NOT our TVs. We still get BRILLIANT HD with the Roku 3 when watching Amazon Prime. Teischan right now is watching “Mansfield Park” on Amazon and the picture quality is worth writing home about. [Plus we now have DEDICATED 15Mbps, wired, TDS Internet to the Roku! More on that later.]

But ONE good thing on the Dish Hopper. So far I have NOT encountered ANY sound loss. That is good.

But I have to say. WOW. Picture quality of Dish is atrocious. Good job we don’t watch much Dish. 85% of our TV viewing is now on the Roku. I got Dish primarily so that I can have 24×7 CNN and CNBC.