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Please Castrate Me IF I Ever Buy Anything From Best Buy Again. PLEASE.

by Anura Guruge

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I Did Not Heed My Own Admonition

& Now I Am $500+ In The Hole.

I am such an IDIOT! So, yes, I deserve to get ripped off and abused and lose $559. My fault. I did NOT follow my own admonition.

There was good mitigating reason. This was a Sony lens and Amazon had a 2-month BACK-ORDER on it. Yes, two-months.

So, I was forced to buy it from Bloody Best Buy. Oh, how I wish I hadn’t.

Well, I got ripped off. Yes, I played right into their hands. Yes, I am an IDIOT.

That is why I deserve to be castrated — though it kind of too late. I should have been castrated when I was 11.

Well, I live, BUT I obviously do NOT learn.

So, PLEASE … please … if you hear that I bought anything from Best Buy just come over and castrate me. I will not protest. I deserve to be castrated.

Yes, I promise NEVER to step into a Best Buy again.

You know the IRONY. I worked as an Epson Product Ambassador at Best Buy and loved it!

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by Anura Guruge

Please, Please Remind Me Never To Buy Anything Again From Bloody Best Buy!

by Anura Guruge

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Attribution WILL be enforced.

Anura Guruge FitBit Garmin Best Buy

Having gone for 5-years without one I have yet again decided to get a Fitness/Activity tracker. I am extremely unfit and borderline obese and really need to do something about it. I have my dreaded annual physical in a couple of months and the doctor is going to yet again, as they do every year, crucify me. More on all of this later when I actually start wearing the tracker.

I was an adopter and fan of FitBit having got the first one at Christmas 2011. But, then we had lots of issues with it. There are LOTS of FitBit posts here, on this blog, if you want to read about the whole sorry saga. FitBit was new to the market and they really did want to help and fix the problems. I think they send us a total of 3 FREE FitBits to appease my displeasure.

I am NOT getting a FitBit, though I did get one for Deanna, from Amazon, two weeks ago. I am getting an Garmin.

I had quite a few unused Best Buy Reward Points from when we bought the refrigerator in April.

So, rather than ordering it from Amazon, as is my wont, I decided to get it from BB and use the points — because that way it was nearly free.

I was supposed to go to Concord on Thursday for a meeting, and as such agreed to a store pickup in Concord. All of that was fine.

The meeting was postponed to next week.

I am going to be in Portsmouth tomorrow. So, I thought it would be a simple deal to have them change the PICK UP.

Oh, BLOODY NO! They essentially have to cancel the order and start again — with a credit back to my credit card etc. 3-4 days for the whole transaction to finish.

My fault. But, it is OK.

I will never have enough reward points to want me to order anything from this accursed company.

Now I will have to make a trip just to pick up the Garmin.

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by Anura Guruge

Easter Sunday Can Never Fall On A Full Moon.

by Anura Guruge


In case you, like I, have ever wondered if this was possible.

Yes, the rule-of-thumb as to when Easter falls is: first Sunday after the first full moon occurring on or after the Spring (i.e. vernal) equinox. But the Church being what it is it does NOT use the astronomical Full Moon of March or April or for that matter the astronomical equinox. Instead the Church uses the ‘ecclesiastical full moon’ and March 21, every year, as the date of the Spring Equinox. So one could argue that there MIGHT be a very slim chance that the actual Full Moon could fall on Easter Sunday.

Irrespective of probabilities and odds the Church has made sure, centuries ago, that this can never happen. IF by some miracle Easter Sunday falls on a Full Moon Easter is pushed back a week!

Amazing … right?

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by Anura Guruge