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90’x15’x6′ Chain Link Enclosure For ‘Rowen’, Our Newfoundland Puppy, Is Complete — & We Are All Happy.

by Anura Guruge

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It worked out well. Solid. Not worried, at all, at all, that Rowen might be able to knock it over or jump over it. In the end it didn’t need as many external reinforcing posts as I had been planning — just 4 sufficed.

For about half its 90′ length it runs alongside our raised deck & I attached cables from each leg of the deck to the fence — above head height. That made a big difference.

Plus, it is strongly anchored to concrete at both ends & as well as to a convenient deck support leg on one side.

We also put a layer of gravel for the ungrassed space under the deck. So, it has all worked out.

It wasn’t hard to do. Teischan (15) & I worked about 1-hour each evening, roughly between 6pm & 7pm. In total, to get it all done, including the gravel it took us about 16-days — but we had gaps while we waited for a corded electric drill & the gravel to be delivered. Also had a couple of days of thunderstorms. We had started in mid-May.

All told, even if I add in all the power tools I ended up getting, it came to about $2,000 in material. Our labor was free. So, it was HALF THE PRICE that we had been quoted & it was ready by the start of June. The folks we got estimates from were talking August or September. Laugh!

‘Rowen’, Our 6-Month Old Newfoundland Puppy Today — June 2, 2021.

by Anura Guruge

What can I say other than that she is cuteness epitomized. A handful still, but a very loving & lovable pup. Still not sure about ‘deep’ water. Wants to explore, sometimes, but hasn’t started to swim as yet.

‘Rowen’, Our Nearly 6-Month Newfoundland Puppy, Takes ‘Fort Williams’ (Maine) By Storm, May 28, 2021.

by Anura Guruge

Her 2nd visit to ‘Fort Williams’. Her 1st visit was on Teischan’s 15th birthday, in March. It is close to a 2-hour drive but I custom fitted the cargo area of our new Volvo VC60 for her comfort & safety. Worked out. Did NOT hear a word from her in complain. She did bark a few times at people & dogs she spotted through the back window. So, it worked out.

Rowen at Fort Williams on March 22, 2021.

‘Rowen’, Our Nearly 6-Month Newfoundland Puppy Checking Out Her Customized Cargo Area In The Volvo VC60.

by Anura Guruge

We got the Volvo VC60 for her! I was going to get a ‘Genesis G70’ when Teischan (15), Rowen’s official owner, notified me that she needed me to get a Rowen-carrier & if I did not my chances of her (meaning Teischan) travelling with me would be greatly diminished. It was she who ended up picking the VC60 after I had settled on a ‘Volvo V60’ wagon. Now, she is saying we might need to upgrade to a VC90!

Anywho, I had got a bunch of stuff, from Amazon, to customize the cargo area for Rowen. These included a metal grill to keep her from trying to climb over the back seat plus TWO (2) padded, full-length cargo area covers. So there are two layers of padding for her in the back.

We, i.e., all three of us (viz. Rowen, her owner & I), are going on another day trip to Maine. Rowen’s 2nd trip to Maine. Same place as the last time — which was on March 22, 2021 (i.e., Teischan’s birthday). ‘Fort Williams’, by Portland. It is Teischan’s favorite ‘local’ spot (i.e., within 90-minutes) of home. I am very partial to the place too. So, it works out. Will be a good test for all of us.

The famous lighthouse, Maine’s oldest, at Fort Williams.

Rowen at Fort Williams on March 22, 2021.

Cooling off, in the bushes — this evening.

‘Rowen’, Our 5.5-Month Newfoundland Puppy Graduates Puppy Kindergarten.

by Anura Guruge

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She did good.

Not 100% convinced that she is as trained as she should be, BUT she is getting better by the day.

Installing 90’x15x6′ Chain Link Kennel For Newfoundland Puppy.

by Anura Guruge

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Yes, we tried to hire professionals. They were quoting dates in August or September. The Summer would be done by then. Also, citing increasing materials costs, they were hiking prices by 20% or more. We were getting quoted around $4,000 (& higher).

Well, screw that for a game of soldiers. I started doing some research. I found 6′ chain link panel kennel kits for 10′ x 10′. So, each kit had 40′ of chain link, including one door. I bought three kits. That gave me 120′ feet.

So, I can do 90′ run — the total length of the house (at the back) — with two 15′ sides. That is what we are doing. The back of the house, most of which is a concrete wall will form one side.

Biggest challenge to-date was attaching the fence, SECURELY, to the concrete. Had to get a hammer drill.

Fence securely screwed into the concrete wall. Going to use at least 3 such brackets, per side.

So far, so good. Going to add additional posts for reinforcement. Also going to use cables to tie the top of the fence to the legs on the deck.

I will post more pictures when it is done.