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My Next Boat.

by Anura Guruge

my next boat Anura Guruge

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I saw this, in Alton Circle this morning, and it was lust at first sight.


I am not that partial to outboards BUT I will make an exception in this instance.

I can see and appreciate the potential.

At 300hp each — that is 1,200hp. That should SUFFICE (I think). The most I have ever driven in the water is 275hp (I think). But, I could deal with 1,200hp. No problemo.

What I really love is the redundancy. Yes, I will insist on at least one battery per outboard — with ideally two ‘in-parallel’ across all 4.

Then the ONLY thing that can go wrong is GAS and boats do have a spare tank. I know — though I, unlike others I know, have NEVER run out of gas in a boat. Never. I am stupid, but not that stupid.


This outfit is GENIUS. I take my hat off. Bravo. Kudos.

My boat.

Yep, it has been 13-years since I owned a boat! Wow. In my heyday I had 4! 4 boats — though one was a two-person ‘jet ski’.

This made my day. Nearly killed myself trying to get this picture. SMILE. But, it was worth it.

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