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I Got Deanna An Amazon Kindle Fire — Delivered On Day 1.

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by Anura Guruge

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Just because I didn’t buy my Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 from Amazon does not, in anyway or shape, mean that I do not buy stuff from Amazon on a frequent (and I really don’t want to claim ‘daily’) basis. So, when I saw the new Kindle Fire, at the low-ball advertised price, I was tempted. Not for me. I am a 10″ guy. But Deanna had been angling for a pad and this seemed like a good deal.

Well, the advertised price is a ‘starter’. Once you add an option or two and get a case you are at $90 — BUT that is still NOT bad, ALBEIT this is not a bona fide Android Pad. So there is NO Chrome browser. Instead there is Amazon’s Silk browser. But it was worth a try.



I pre-ordered it and Amazon to its credit had it delivered by UPS on Wednesday, September 30, 2015 — as promised. So we had one on Day 1 of availability. Neat. Actually that was also the case with our first Google Nexus 7 in July 2012. I had pre-ordered that too and it came on Day 1 — as Google had promised. 

So far so good. It is cute. Nice nice. Sharp, crisp display — as they claim. Seems fast too. Amazon Cloud Storage included.

So not a bad buy.

They are offering a 6-pack — BUY 5 get one FREE, for a total of 6. Was I tempted? Aaaahhhhh! Maybe come Black Friday (or thereabouts). Maybe I will get a DOZEN! It would be FUN to give some to deserving kids (and have ONE in the car, dedicated to GPS). SMILE.

Google Nexus 7 Pad: USB Charging & Battery Life Issues. 6 Months Old. Support?


Anura Guruge

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I got a Google (Asus) Nexus 7 for Teischan last July; I had pre-ordered it and got it delivered the day it was set to be available in the U.S. It worked fine. The price was right. Three months later I got another for Devanee — for her birthday. They both work fine and get a lot of usage from the kids. The pads are too small for me, but they have come in handy when we travel. They both have multiple GPS APPS and we use them when we travel, though Devanee has still to master using ‘map mode’ in GPS. The other night we were in Hanover, NH, for a HOP Concert, and I needed to make a quick change to a Blog entry. Did you know that Hanover, thanks to Dartmouth, has free public Wi-Fi? They do. I managed to make the edit using the pad. I was impressed and happy.

For the last week Teischan has been complaining that her Nexus won’t charge properly. I was skeptical. But, I tried charging it myself a couple of times. Sure seemed temperamental. It would say it was charging, but would never go beyond 11%.

We changed sockets and did the usual, USB charger not charging rituals.

But, it charges fine if we plug it into Devanee’s charger. But. battery draining faster than I expected. I saww it drop from 100% to 97%, in front of my eyes, and I wasn’t doing anything!

So, I thought I could get another Nexus USB charger from Google — and I was even willing to pay. [Yes, we have about 6 other USB chargers, but none of them seem to be able to charge it either].

I found the number, 855-836-3987 (and yes ‘855’ is a new ‘800’), and called this afternoon. Got somebody who spoke English worse than I! But, he said that Google policy was to exchange the whole pad and that he would get a specialist to send me a ‘Return Authorization’, by e-mail, within 15 minutes.

No e-mail.

5 hours later I called again. Got another barely coherent person. They had no record of my 1st call! I was put on hold 3 times. Eventually he said he was transferring me to a ‘supervisor’ or ‘specialist’. This new person, ‘Chris’, was great. Actually spoke English, which was nice. Yes, the whole unit has to be exchanged. He sent me the e-mail with the links and 2 PDFs. He stayed on the phone. When you click on the link it takes you to an ORDER page at the Google Play store. You order a brand new unit. They charge $199 to your credit card — but supposedly put it on ‘hold’ for 21 days. When the new unit comes I have to send the old one back. That is the theory.

So, lets summarize.

We have one of the first batch Nexus 7s. Six months in, charging and battery issues. Google swaps out the whole unit. Support is iffy. So …

Of course I will keep you posted.