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“Robert Dorr”, The Concord Embroiderist — A Modern Artistic Master.

by Anura Guruge

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That I named my daughter after the Italian Great ‘Titian’ might be a clue that I am ‘into’ art. I, furthermore, have been lucky enough to know quite a few artists, of varied ilk, from around the world, over my long life — with at least one of them, David Shepherd (1931 – 2017), quite famous (with astounding commercial success to boot).

So, it was a tremendous, serendipitous, joy to meet an undoubted master — deservedly famous and successful — in Concord, New Hampshire yesterday, at the ‘Kimball Jenkins’ School of Art, 20th Birthday, Open House. That Master was Robert Dorr — Master Embroiderist who also does mixed media, pottery and weaving.

Though I have lived with inveterate embroiders, some of whom were quite proficient, until I had the honor of meeting Robert yesterday I had never thought of it as a bona fide PURE ART — up there among the best. I was blown away. Some of his pieces involve thousands (or more) hours of work. Though it crossed my mind that it may be sacrilegious, his talent, labor and dedication reminded me of my idol Michelangelo! Da Vinci never had the patience.

Yes, I was delighted to hear that his work, deservedly, commands good prices from museums – and I also learnt that there are embroidery-specific museums. Wow. Made my week!

Though he was new to us, he is well known and celebrated in New Hampshire — a longstanding member of the ‘NH League of Craftsman‘. You really need to check out his work. He is on Facebook too — with quite a large following.

His Website. Click to access.

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by Anura Guruge