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The Saga Of My Digital Bathroom Scales — I Get A Rather Nifty ‘BalanceFrom’ Scales From Amazon With No Bells & Whistles.


Anura Guruge

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Nice big display and I like what it reads, 168.4 lb. That is below my target 169.

When my much prized Ozeri packed up last Friday (and I could not get hold of their Customer Support by telephone) I had little choice but to get another scale since i have to keep track of my weight — now that I am diagnosed pre-diabetic.

I decided that I did not need automatic BMI calculations — now that I know that my BMI is way below 25, plus I know how to manually calculate BMI. So decided to just get a ‘good’, reasonably priced digital scale with no features — other than giving me a readout of my weight.

Deanna found some for me but she was looking in the $40 mark. I did a quick perusal and saw this ‘BalanceFrom‘, reduced from $59.95 to $49.95 to $25 with FREE SHIPPING. It also had 990 decent reviews. I ordered it on Saturday, June 1 and got it on Tuesday, June 4! That is pretty damn good. Thanks.

I like the scales. The box was a work of art. The scales are simple but elegant with a nice large readout. I, so far, like what it says. I weighed myself before and after my run and there was a drop in weight. So, so far, so good.

On Sunday, no less, the day after I had placed the order for the new scales I get an e-mail from a very nice lady at Ozeri! She had seen my post (no doubt through a Twitter monitoring APP, given that WordPress automatically tweets all my posts).

She was very nice and wanted to send me a replacement Ozeri. I acquiesced because I did like my Ozeri. So I am supposed to be getting a new Ozeri with a return label for the old, malfunctioning unit.

Deanna wanted to know what I was going to do with the order I had placed. Obviously I did nothing. I was not going to cancel the order or return the product. It is not Amazon’s fault that I am getting a replacement and I am very reluctant to return things unless they are no good.

So, if the Ozeri arrives we will be a proud, two digital scales family. We have decided that we will have his and her scales. It will be fun to see how the two compare in terms of readings. Interestingly I might give the Ozeri to Deanna. I don’t need the BMI stuff. So if they are roughly in the same ball park in terms of readings I will keep this ‘BalanceFrom’. Of course I will share my tale.