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Chinese Picnic By The Side Of Cotton Valley Rail Trail in Wolfeboro, NH Last Saturday.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Our picnic ‘table’. Doesn’t get better than this.

P1040238We knew we were going to the British car rally in Wolfeboro, NH on Saturday. We knew the weather was going to be spectacular. We knew that the kids would be asking for lunch. Plus, Deanna wanted to ‘do’ the Cotton Valley after hearing my rave reviews. So I decided to synthesize all of this together for the best results. We all like Chinese though we have cut back drastically since I started my no-carb diet. The last time we had Chinese was May 30 — in Manchester when we went to meet my son, Matthew, for his 21st birthday.

Wolfeboro’s (other) Chinese restaurant, the Sea Bird, is right by the trail and we are talking abutting. We like the Sea Bird. Good, non-greasy, fairly authentic food and very nice owners. So on the way to the rally we stopped and picked up a menu (though I am sure there was one already in the car). We were done at the rally just before 1. I called and ordered 4 luncheon specials — two of them heavy on the appetizers because I would have to get by just on uncoated meat. We got the Sea Bird and only had to wait a few minutes. Gave us a chance to chat with the two owners Lan Sam and Guy Phu. Always very nice. When we told them our plans they gave us plenty of plates, utensils and some plastic containers. I carried the bag — and it did not break though we walked a total of about 3 miles with it. Strong bag.

It was delightful. It really is an exceptional trail. Pleasing to the senses in so many different ways. Picture postcard perfect scenery of lakes and mountains behind them. Lots of trees. Turtles in the water. Birds in the trees. Boaters of all varieties. The N.H. lakes region personified — at its best.

We stopped and ate. Chatted with some boaters and walkers. The food hit the mark. We left the soups till later. The fried rice last the kids till the next day.

It was very civilized and pleasant. So typical of Wolfeboro. It really is a quintessential Summer Resort.

Definitely recommend it. Get some takeout. Walk about a mile. Find a stone bench and Bob really will be your uncle.


NH Maple Weekend: Richard Leonard’s Delightful ‘Miller Farm’ In New Durham, New Hampshire.


Anura Guruge

Richard (Rich) Leonard is our pharmacist in Alton (Hannaford’s) and our friend. He is a great guy. Our only regret in the November 2012 election was that Richard did not win his bid win NH Senate District 6 seat.

Richard told us about the ‘NH Maple Weekend‘ and encouraged us to visit.  We had never been to his delightful, picturesque farm. But, we did on Saturday, March 23, 2013 — and we are so glad we did. It was special. There were a lot of people. The bumper stickers on many of the cars made my day. That reminds me. I haven’t seen many Mitt stickers on cars of late. Richard, as ever, was very gracious and hospitable. Great bunch of people in the sugar house. It was like a party. My only regret was that I am ‘off carbs’. So I stayed away from the syrup. Haven’t had a pancake (or for that matter, any bread, rice, pasta, bagel, muffin, banana nor apple) in 2 months. But, I have lost about 13 pounds. Losing 6 ounces a day according to my ‘new’ Ozeri Gen II digital bathroom scales. Doesn’t sound like much, but that is a pound off every 3 days. So at this rate I could, with luck, IF I stick to this, lose the other 7 pounds in 3 weeks.

I am hoping that Richard will run again. I would ideally like to see him in D.C. but I can see why he would be reluctant to leave his wonderful farm in New Durham.

Here are some pictures.

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