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Online Shopping On ‘Payless’ Website — Reminded Me Of ‘Healthcare.gov’! No PayPal. Duplicate Data Entry. Doesn’t Do What It Is Supposed To.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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I do, without fail, all of my Christmas shopping (and for that matter 98% of all my non-grocery purchases) online.

I am nearly done with the kids. They are easy. Just stuff for Deanna, and that is never easy.

This evening she told me she wanted some boots from Payless and sent me a ‘wish list’.

I had never even seen the Payless Website before though I do buy shoes from their stores occasionally.

The stuff was easy enough to find.

It was the checkout that drove me nuts.

They don’t accept PayPal.

To me that is unacceptable.

PayPal is the universal Web  currency.

I love PayPal.

I have used PayPal for 12 or 13 years —
from more or less when eBay started accepting PayPal.

Checkout with PayPal is so easy.

But, since I couldn’t get these boots anywhere else — I had no choice.

So, now I need to type in shipping address etc. etc.

No button to say Billing Address is same as Shipping Address.

So more typing.

I resented it.

On every page it says FREE SHIPPING on Cyber Monday.

Well, I couldn’t get the damn free shipping.

Deanna sent them an e-mail complaining about it.

I just paid the $6 shipping just to get the hell out of that site.

So, just a heads up.

Last few days I have used Amazon, Walmart and eBay in anger.

I typically only shop Walmart online at Christmas.

I am an habitual Amazon and eBay shopper.

But, Amazon, Walmart and eBay were exceptional the last few days.

A pleasure to part money to them.

I will Paymore to avoid the hassle.

So I will not be going to Payless again, unless Deanna wants more boots.