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FAA Drone Registration (Starting Dec. 21, 2015) Does NOT Require Make, Model or Serial Number!

Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail .
by Anura Guruge

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Click here for the FAA Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS),
i.e., Drone, registration FAQ page.

Extracts from above page.

Click to ENLARGE and read here.



As soon as they started talking about this FAA drone registration program, in anger, in the media, last week I noticed that there was NEVER any mention of model, make and serial number. That seemed incongruous. So today I went checking. You can see what I found — on the first image above.

The FAA does not ask for Make, Model or Serial Number.

That is very strange. I have never encountered a product registration that did not want the product specifically identified.

So this is basically a program to TRACK drone OWNERS.

Also puzzled that they do NOT mention Permanent Residents (i.e., Green Card Holders). Permanent Residents can LEGALLY own (and register) firearms in the U.S. So it would be strange if a Permanent Resident can register a semi-automatic weapon BUT NOT a drone! Aaah!

I, always wanting to be on the safe and legal side, checked the weight of our UDI U818As (and yes, we have two). 4.2 ounces + 2.1 ounces for the battery = 6.3 ounces (178.6 gram). So we are well under the 0.55 (8.8 ounce, 250 gram) weight limit.