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‘North America’ Series On The Discovery Channel. Not As Scintillating As ‘Africa’ But Still A Very Compelling HD Tour de Force.


Anura Guruge

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Click to access home page on the 'Discovery Channel' Website.

Click to access home page on the ‘Discovery Channel’ Website.

We have watched two episodes of Discovery Channel’s ‘North America’ so far. They were, indubitably, good. Definitely 4th generation of nature programs, 2nd gen. in terms of HD exploitation — if you start with David Attenborough incomparable and seminal Life On Earthon BBC in the 1970s as the first generation of this genre. See my ‘Africa’ post for more on ‘Life On Earth‘ if you are not familiar with this groundbreaking series.

I could be mistaken, but I do not think that this series, especially when it comes to storylines, narration, close-ups and ingenuity, is as good as ‘Africa’ which really was breathtakingly amazing. Maybe I got slightly spoilt by having watched all the episodes of ‘Africa’. We are still going to watch all of this series, it is too good to pass by.

Still a definite two-thumbs up. Kids should love it. Enjoy. I have already set the DVR to record this week’s episode (tonight, I think).

Click to access video online.

Click to access video online.