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Exceptional Value-for-Money Home Security Solutions From ‘Northeast Security’, Alton, N.H.

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by Anura Guruge

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Tel: 1-800-634-3373
Ask for ‘Craig’

When we bought this house in Alton (N.H.), new, 8 years ago, it already had a fairly decent security system in place, wired in. Given that I have had security systems in nearly all the houses I have owned I was no stranger to them. The system that was in place had been well conceived. It had been installed by a local Alton firm, ‘Northeast Security Agency’. The system, however, was not activated and none of the folks involved in the sales had any idea as to how it worked. They gave me a business card for ‘Northeast Security Agency‘ and told me to ask for ‘Craig’. That is how I got to know, to my advantage, Craig Stevenson, the CEO, owner and founder.


Craig came over a few days after I called him and showed me the ropes. I was impressed. Over the years, with Craig’s advice and help, I tweaked the system a bit — added some sensors, upgraded others. Anytime I had an issue I knew that Craig would be there to take care of it and do so graciously and competently — without fuss. I get, multiple media, frequent offers from the likes of ADT. I would never dream of switching from Northeast Security. I very much doubt whether the CEO of ADT will come and fix any problems I encounter.

Recently I upgraded the system a tad. Craig gave me a very fair price. I was pleased and impressed. And that to me has always been the beauty of dealing with Craig and Northeast Security. A fair, honest price — upfront — and no nickel and diming after that. That is basically what prompted me to write this post. In reality Northeast does not need any publicity from me. They deal with some VERY BIG fish — shopping malls, colleges, schools, businesses … They even provide security guards. That why it is kind of neat that they also do, very well and diligently, home security systems. They know their stuff.

So if you are in the ‘Northeast’ and you need a security solution you do yourself a favor by first calling ‘Northeast’ and asking for Craig. Yes, the voice-mail will give you a ‘Craig’ option.

My Favorite Booth At The 2012 Laconia Multicultural Day: Fibonacci Letterpress.

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by Anura Guruge

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Yes, I am sucker for anything and everything to do with printing and publishing; another trait instilled in me at a young age by my father. I used to go with my father to various printing presses in Ceylon, in the late 1950s and early 1960s — either to check the progress of the production of one of my father’s many books, to deliver proofs, talk to a publisher or newspaper editor. They used hot lead, i.e., actually creating lead slugs of fonts, from molten lead. I can still remember the smell, see the smoke. Yes, I would get to set a line of lead. So today, when I glibly change fonts and play around with font effects (which I do more than most), I still think back at the type setters, seated at their tight desks composing type from trays and the craftsmen making new slugs for them.

So it was a personal delight for me to see ‘Tom Johnson’, of Newmarket, NH, parleying his many traditional printing skills. He had a huge, tray of lead type from the ol’ days. I wonder how many kids and young adults walked by it without any appreciation as to how that tray related to the fonts they use on the computers, phones and pads.

Mr. Johnson, quite creatively calls his business ‘Fibonacci Letterpress’ and you should recall who or what ‘Fibonacci’ was from the ‘Da Vinci Code‘. The motto for his business, again very clever and profound, is the Latin: Ars longa, vita brevis (Art is Long, Life is Short) — though he reverses the two phrases. Probably true to his nostalgic craft ‘Tom’ as yet does not have a Web site (and NO I didn’t offer to build him one because I, in my old age, now only do new Web sites as a very, very special favor — and even turned down an offer, this weekend, from a favorite sister-in-law in Hawaii — though I am doing one for ‘Craig’, my friend, who owns the ‘Northeast Security Agency‘). He does woodcuts and various types of printing — proclamations, invitations etc.

You can, however, e-mail Tom at: fibonacciletterpress@yahoo.com (and how he thinks anybody will be able to type that in without making a mistake is a mystery to me … hence why I am hot linking that for you … so just click).

His phone number is: 603-988-7596.