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My Current Total Immersion In ‘Radioactivity’.

by Anura Guruge

Despite my age, I am still fascinated & intrigued by many aspects of science. Stuff I didn’t get a chance to pursue when I was busy with my career. Now that I have a bit more time I kind of feel that I should make up for lost time.

In a way, again given my age, I grew up in the ‘Space & Nuclear’ AGE. Exciting times. True ‘Chernobyl‘ happened much later BUT I remember the news of the various atomic bomb tests in the 1950s & 1960s.

I am no stranger to the ‘Manhattan Project’. Over the years I have read a few books on the subject & had some familiarity with Oppenheimer & Groves. But, the book I am listening to is giving me a ton more insights & perspectives. Some of it was kind of ‘dry’ BUT it, understandably, got more gripping as the bombs came to fruition.

The Chernobyl book has proved to be an absolute PAGE TURNER. I know the story & the ending BUT reading the details.

I will definitely recommend BOTH. No question. Enjoy.

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by Anura Guruge

Kim Jong Un EXECUTES Envoy Over Failed Talks With Donald Trump? How Is That Possible?

by Anura Guruge

Click image to access the ‘Bloomberg’ original. Google for more.

This is beyond the bloody pale!

A dictator executing a government official over some failed talks — even if it was with Trump.

There should be International OUTRAGE — led by the U.S. Congress. This shouldn’t be allowed to go unpunished.

I am in shock.

When I saw the headlines I had to read it TWICE to make sure that I had read it correctly.

And this is Trump’s pal? That says something. Says a lot.

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by Anura Guruge

Forget Rob Porter’s Security Clearance, Takis Veliotis Who Was In Charge Of Building U.S. Nuclear Submarines Was Not Even A U.S. Citizen!

by Anura Guruge

P. Takis Veliotis, EVP, General Dynamics & General Manager, Electric Boat Division.

I kid you not.

P. Takis Veliotis was appointed General Manager of General Dynamics’Electric Boat Division” on October 24, 1977.

Electric Boat Division, which had built USS Nautilus, World’s 1st Nuclear Submarine, had an ongoing contract with the U.S. Navy to build a slew of nuclear submarines.

At the time Veliotis took over as GM he, originally from Greece, had Canadian citizenship.

He was also taking huge kickbacks and bribes from contractors in his prior jobs.

There was NO WAY he could have passed a proper FBI background check, let alone get the necessary clearance!

But, nonetheless, he headed up “Electric Boat” for quite a FEW YEARS prior to becoming naturalized.

He spoke with the legendary Admiral Hyman G. Rickover, “Father Of the U.S. Nuclear Navy”, multiple times a day. Rickover, famed for his attention to detail, never spotted this.

Check this out. It is pretty amazing.

I discovered this while reading the book “Running Critical” early last year. We had visited the OUTSTANDING “Submarine Force Library & Museum” in Groton, Connecticut — a few miles from Mystic during our stay at ‘Mohegan Sun’ for New Year 2017. I had become intrigued about finding out more about the history of submarines. The author of this book, a veteran journalist, just mentions the citizenship in PASSING! To this day I do not understand why he did not talk about it. This has to have been one of the biggest security lapses in U.S. history and there must have been a few. {Smile}

So, Rob Porter is by no means an isolated incident.

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by Anura Guruge

Could ‘Hurricane Harvey’ Be Broken-Up With High Altitude Explosives?

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE and read here. “Project STORMFURY” from the 1960s. They didn’t use PROPER explosives. For original from U.S. Government “NOAA” at: http://www.aoml.noaa.gov/hrd/hrd_sub/sfury.html

I am pretty sure that a common-or-garden nuclear explosion would do the trick — BUT nuclear has to be OFF THE TABLE.

What we are trying to do is to create another area of low pressure to break up the atmospheric pressure patterns.

I did remember that there had been some work on this way back — and a quick Google on ‘Breaking Up Hurricanes‘ unearthed Project STORMFURY. But, they were NOT using explosives. I am thinking along the lines of the “Mother Of All Bombsexploded over Afghanistan in mid-April 2017. Of course, you would do it while the storm was still over the ocean.

I am surprised we are not doing more research into this.

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by Anura Guruge

Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum — Some Pictures By Robert Gilbert of Wolfeboro, NH.

IMG_0459Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail.
. .
by Anura Guruge

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Click to access their riveting animated Website.

Robert Gilbert, born in Australia and the owner of a nifty Mini Cooper, is a friend from “Great Waters“. Like I he is a volunteer stagehand and his wife ushers along with Deanna and Devanee. Robert and I, as owners of British cars (and I won’t mention the other cars he loves and owns), often chat about cars. While doing the setup for the “Glenn Miller Orchestra” on Friday, he told me, when I asked him what he had been up to since I last saw him a week ago, that he had been to the “Simeone Auto Museum” in Philadelphia. He appeared to be a bit disappointed that I did not know about it. Later on in the evening I did realize that I had indeed heard about it — on an episode of “American Pickers” that we used to watch religiously until we got our Roku 3 and discovered the manifolds treats available via ‘Amazon Prime‘ such as “Downton Abbey” and “Mr. Selfridge“.

This morning Robert, who used to do mechanical instrumentation for nuclear plants and appears to be a gentleman of many talents, sent me a whole set of delightful pictures he had taken at ‘Simeone’. With his permission I am going to share some with YOU for your enjoyment and edification. Thank you, Robert. CLICK TO ENLARGE.


Iran Nuclear Signing: The Compact Gentleman Cropped Out Of Photographs Is Dr. Ernest Moniz.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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You can’t help but notice that somebody has been intentionally CROPPED from these pictures … especially if you had happened to see the whole Iran nuclear deal signature lineup on TV. You couldn’t help but notice that there was a rather jolly gentleman standing next to John Kerry making him look even taller than he really is (broken leg, or not).

So check out these two pictures, where Dr. Ernest Moniz, U.S. Energy Secretary, has been unkindly eradicated.


Yahoo! News no less. Click to access original.


The U.K. “The Telegraph” which is usually NOT so rude. Click to access.

So, I went looking for an original, UNCROPPED image.
Found one at the State Department. Here it is with their own captioning.

U.S. Energy Secretary, Dr. Ernest Jeffrey Moniz [b. 1944].