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321 HDR+ Photos With Google Pixel 2 Before Fully-Charged Battery Died.

by Anura Guruge

I am not sure whether 321 pictures, on one-charge, is good or bad. It did catch me slightly off-guard.

I was not sure, at all, at all, as to what to expect. I had not seen any numbers in terms of photographs — just that you should be able to get through a ‘normal’ day on one charge.

This was my first smartphone so I had nothing to go by.

320, per charge, is par for the course for my Sony a7 II and Sony a6500. But, I carry extra batteries with me when using those cameras. Can’t do that with the Pixel 2 — though I just ordered one of those ‘battery-powered’ charging packs I can use to recharge the Pixel 2.

Other than taking these 321 pictures I did NOT use the Pixel 2 for anything else; i.e., making/receiving calls or using GPS.

I do tend to preview my images on a fairly regular basis as I take pictures. So, that would have drained some power too. I would expect that.

I was wearing my Fitbit Ionic activity tracker and that is supposed to sync with the Fitbit APP on the Pixel 2 on a fairly regular basis. I am not sure whether that was happening. I did not check. That would have contributed to some battery drain too.

So, this is just to give you a heads up and a point of reference.

321 HDR+ images on one charge — and my Pixel 2 is but 7-weeks old. So the battery can’t be too old.

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by Anura Guruge