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OBiTALK Forcing A $10 Upgrade To Continue Google Voice Support!

by Anura Guruge


Click to ENLARGE and have a gander.

Click to ENLARGE. Slightly out-of-date but much of it is still in place.

I have been very successfully and gainfully using an OBi110Voice Service Bridge‘ to BOND our landline from TDS with an VoIP service from Google Voice. Basically I can use either the TDS landline or Google Voice to place calls and calls on the TDS landline comes in (as does calls on Google Voice).

Last week the OBi started giving me grief. Yes, I had changed my Google password (after we had our rental car, with electronics, broken into in San Francisco) and OBiTalk, quite correctly, needed the new password. But, even after that it kept on DISCONNECTING my Google Voice service. That was annoying. Then on the 4th day of this palava OBiTalk ADMITTED what it was really up to.

It wanted $10 off me to UPDATE my software and thereby have continued, uninterrupted Google Voice service. I didn’t really have any choice. $10 or NO Google Voice. I, of course, paid — via Amazon Checkout.

Just seemed sneaky and bordering on extortion. Easy way to get $10 per customer. $10 for FREE Google Voice is a bargain. I would have paid that without any problem. Seems a pity that OBi goes about doing this in what comes across as an underhand way!

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by Anura Guruge

“Phone Power” Kindly Saved Me $60 (A Year). Thank YOU.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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I just saved myself $60 (a year) thanks to “PhonePower“.

I am pretty chuffed. How did I do it. I cancelled my “PhonePower” account — and I am JUST going to use Google Voice on my OBi110. Simple as that.

I went with PhonePower on May 14, 2014, for $60/year, when we lost Google Voice support on the OBi. I loved Google Voice and was bummed but PhonePower, for essentially $5/month, did pretty good.

When Google Voice support was restored in September 2014 I stayed with PhonePower. I configured Google Voice as my 2nd VoIP carrier. I was going to STAY WITH PhonePower and pay them $60 again in May. I did not want to DISRUPT the configuration that I had — and that worked. I was willing to pay $5/month to AVOID change.

Then today PhonePower disrupted MY network. I was having problems with Caller ID. They tried to fix it. But after they tried the OBi110 would NOT recognize their service! I had also LOST Google Voice. They then left me in the lurch and blamed it all on OBi!

Well I got the OBi to work again. All I had to do was recycle power! I managed to get Google Voice back. I put it back on as SP1. My primary and now ONLY VoIP. I still have a TDS landline for incoming calls and **8 outbound. Screw PhonePower.

They forced my hand and they saved me $60/year. Thank YOU.

Google Voice rocks. Yes, I have to put up with a Maine 207 number but that proves to be fun. People have NO idea that it is I calling.