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OBi212 Dialing Out On The POTS Phone Line — The DigiMap String You Need.

by Anura Guruge


DigitMap string you need:


You dial **70 (Area Code) xxx-xxxx to dial out on the phone line.


This is what I was told, in an e-mail, from the Polycom support person:
“The DigitMap does actually contain the **70 string. All we did was to “uncheck” “OBiTALK Settings, and ‘Submit’ the change. Once we did this, it pushed the DigitMap to your OBi device.”

<< You can see the UNCHECKED ObiTALK box in the second image below. >>

You then need the ‘Expert Interface’ — which you then need to confirm.

Then: “Physical Interfaces” -> “PHONE 1”, then under “Phone Port”.

These two pictures will show you what to do. Click to ENLARGE.

How did I get this sorted out?

All THANKS to the person who handles the Polycom Twitter account. He/She saw my disgruntled posts and told me that they will get somebody from Ploycom support to help me.

They did.

After some phone tag and e-mails, the support person, who was VERY GOOD, just logged onto my OBi212 remotely, with my permission, and made the change. Then told me what he did. It worked. I am happy.

So, what else did I find out.

  1. The ObiTalk box is NOT unclicked in the shipped units. They will fix it.
  2. They fixed the OBi212 Trouble Ticket submitting system!

So, that is where we are. Hope this helps. I am posting this since I do NOT want others to pull out their hair like I did.

You could TRY the Trouble Ticket system. I haven’t.

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by Anura Guruge

Polycom/Obihai Are CUSTOMER HOSTILE — Stay Well Clear.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

There goal is to sell product and then HIDE from the customers. NO SUPPORT, whatsoever and NO DOCUMENTATION. I kid you not. Go look. Find a User Guide for the OBi212. I challenge you.

This support request form is CLASSIC.

You have to fill in the 9-digit OBi Number field, but it REFUSES to accept the number I type in. Here you can see that I didn’t get it wrong:

Obnoxious company.

I really regret getting this damn OBi212. I am going to return it … BUT I hate doing it because I am an Amazon shareholder. I am going to report company to Amazon. I just did. {Smile}

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by Anura Guruge

Obihai/Polycom OBi212 Is SO BAD That It Has Typos In Its ‘Quick Setup Guide’!

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

That was pretty amazing. To see ‘phusical’! Wow. Obviously nobody proofed it. That says it all about this accursed product.

Well, the ‘phusical’ line does NOT work. So, it is a waste of money.

Do not bother to get one.

You have been warned.

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by Anura Guruge

Obihai/Polycom OBi212 Has NO Documentation Nor Support. Do NOT BUY.

by Anura Guruge

I had an OBi110 for nearly 5-years. It worked, though it needed some attention over the last 12-months. Then OBi intentionally killed it, so we would UPGRADE. I did.

The OBi212 is TOTAL GARBAGE. Yes, Google Voice works and you can get incoming calls over POTS. That is IT.

You can’t dial out over the POTS. The **8 on the OBi110 does NOT work. Neither does ## nor **70.

There is NO DOCUMENTATION. Go ahead. Check online. Google. Go to the Website. I defy YOU.

ObiTalk support does NOT even recognize the model number and serial number!

Do NOT BUY! Waste of money.

Get something else or a two line phone and get a CHEAP, $20, Google Voice adapter. 

The OBi212 does NOT support OUTBOUND POTS — which is the only reason to buy this.

You have been warned. There is no need to THANK ME. I am glad to save you the $$$ and aggravation.

I got the OBi212 at the same time as the TP-Link AC750. The TP-Link, as I suspected it would, was great. Not so, the OBi. Not a good company.

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by Anura Guruge

Hope You Had A Great Beaujolais Nouveau 2017 Day. Cheers!

by Anura Guruge

Eventful day for I with my OBi110 and then my long-awaited Garmin Vivoactive 3 giving me grief.

But, the Beaujolais Nouveau was a solace.

No, I haven’t drunk a whole bottle yet, though I could do with drinking all 4. But, restraint! {Smile}

I hope you had a great day, better day than I — at least in terms of frigging electronics.

Why can’t life be simple like sipping Beaujolais Nouveau?


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by Anura Guruge

Obi110/100: Continuing To Use ‘Google Voice’ With The $6 ‘Simon Telephonics’ ‘Google Voice Gateway’ (GVGW) Fix.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE. Link to ‘Simon Telephonies’: simonics.com

The excellent instructions by ‘Simon’ himself. They work. Yes, at the END keep on refreshing, recycle power …. CLICK image to access the original posts with step-by-step instructions and PICTURES.

Click to ENLARGE. What my Obi110 Dashboard looks like now.

My ‘Google Voice‘ outbound service on the OBi110 stopped working this morning. Since OBi had screwed us before with Google Voice I kind of figured out, quite quickly, that this most likely was a software issue.

Did a few Google searches and LUCKILY stumbled upon the ‘Simon’ post, at the OBiTalk Forum, referenced above. A $6 FIX! I was skeptical since there were some bad reviews too. I was also worried that I might not be able to get it to work. But, $6 — on PayPal. Was worth a try.

IT WORKED — to my delight and relief.

The PayPal part was fine. No problems.

It took a FEW — nerve wracking — minutes, with multiple saves, browser refreshes and one cycling of power on the OBi110 before it took hold. Once it did, it was FINE.

So, …

What have you got to lose? $6?

I just hope this works for a few months.

Thank YOU, Simon.

You saved my day.

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by Anura Guruge

OBiTALK Forcing A $10 Upgrade To Continue Google Voice Support!

by Anura Guruge


Click to ENLARGE and have a gander.

Click to ENLARGE. Slightly out-of-date but much of it is still in place.

I have been very successfully and gainfully using an OBi110Voice Service Bridge‘ to BOND our landline from TDS with an VoIP service from Google Voice. Basically I can use either the TDS landline or Google Voice to place calls and calls on the TDS landline comes in (as does calls on Google Voice).

Last week the OBi started giving me grief. Yes, I had changed my Google password (after we had our rental car, with electronics, broken into in San Francisco) and OBiTalk, quite correctly, needed the new password. But, even after that it kept on DISCONNECTING my Google Voice service. That was annoying. Then on the 4th day of this palava OBiTalk ADMITTED what it was really up to.

It wanted $10 off me to UPDATE my software and thereby have continued, uninterrupted Google Voice service. I didn’t really have any choice. $10 or NO Google Voice. I, of course, paid — via Amazon Checkout.

Just seemed sneaky and bordering on extortion. Easy way to get $10 per customer. $10 for FREE Google Voice is a bargain. I would have paid that without any problem. Seems a pity that OBi goes about doing this in what comes across as an underhand way!

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by Anura Guruge

“Phone Power” Kindly Saved Me $60 (A Year). Thank YOU.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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>> TP-Link TL-WA850RE
Wi-Fi Range Extender.
>> Ordered TP-Link.



I just saved myself $60 (a year) thanks to “PhonePower“.

I am pretty chuffed. How did I do it. I cancelled my “PhonePower” account — and I am JUST going to use Google Voice on my OBi110. Simple as that.

I went with PhonePower on May 14, 2014, for $60/year, when we lost Google Voice support on the OBi. I loved Google Voice and was bummed but PhonePower, for essentially $5/month, did pretty good.

When Google Voice support was restored in September 2014 I stayed with PhonePower. I configured Google Voice as my 2nd VoIP carrier. I was going to STAY WITH PhonePower and pay them $60 again in May. I did not want to DISRUPT the configuration that I had — and that worked. I was willing to pay $5/month to AVOID change.

Then today PhonePower disrupted MY network. I was having problems with Caller ID. They tried to fix it. But after they tried the OBi110 would NOT recognize their service! I had also LOST Google Voice. They then left me in the lurch and blamed it all on OBi!

Well I got the OBi to work again. All I had to do was recycle power! I managed to get Google Voice back. I put it back on as SP1. My primary and now ONLY VoIP. I still have a TDS landline for incoming calls and **8 outbound. Screw PhonePower.

They forced my hand and they saved me $60/year. Thank YOU.

Google Voice rocks. Yes, I have to put up with a Maine 207 number but that proves to be fun. People have NO idea that it is I calling.

Google Voice Support Is Back ON Again With OBi Devices. Great News.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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4 months after we lost, to my utmost distress,
Google Voice, OBi has managed to update its API

to AGAIN support Google Voice!


Click to ENLARGE. Use link below to access original on the OBi Website.

To read original from OBi click here.


Click to ENLARGE. My OBi110 now configured with both PhonePower as SP1 and Google Voice as SP2. I also have TDS as my POTS like on the ‘physical phone line’ PSTN port.

I happened to get an e-mail on the reinstated Google Voice support last night. At first I was going to ignore it because I was already signed up for a year, for $60, with PhonePower and it has been working quite well.

But it kept nagging at me so I decided to give it a quick spin. I also needed to make a phone call, to a cousin, in Sri Lanka, and Google Voice, with whom I have a credit balance, would have been my cheapest and easiest option.

So I logged onto obihai.com, with trepidation — and it took me a few minutes to realize that I logon using Google+ (since everything with OBi is so closely aligned with Google). Once I was logged in it really only took less than 4 minutes — and that included a COMPLETE software update to the OBi110. Pretty amazing. I kept on waiting for something to go wrong. I was impressed. Tried all 3 of my dial-out options: PhonePower (the default or **1 option), Google Voice the **2 option and TDS the **8 option. They all worked.

I called up Sri Lanka at midnight, which is the best time to call my kin. 10:30 in the morning for them. Had a nice chat. Cost me all of 42 cents.

So, I am happy. I am glad that OBi did this — the right thing.