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Alton’s Famous & Unique ‘Airport On Ice’ Busier Than Ever On Sunday, February 21, 2021.

by Anura Guruge

Taken with my Google Pixel 4 Phone.

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Per my post a week ago our Alton ‘Airport On Ice‘ was back operational this year having, unusually, NOT been operational in 2020. That, however, was NOT because of COVID, but because the ice was not thick enough. Well that was last year. This year, given the rather harsh February we have had, the ice is plenty thick & strong.

Per the tradition the Airport kicked-into ‘gear’ on the Sunday closest to Valentine’s Day — which this year happened to be on THE DAY itself. So, that made it kind of special & as I said in my post there were lots of folks around, on the ice. BUT, there wasn’t many planes.

Not so today. It was as busy as I have ever seen it — maybe even busier (& I have two decades of experience with this airport). We even had traffic jams with planes having to queue up waiting. They even had take-off & landing window. They would let 3 to 5 planes land one after the other, while the planes wanting to take-off had to wait. It was like a big commercial airport at rush-hour, e.g., 5pm at O’Hare in Chicago. You can see 4 planes taxing in on the very top picture. All very cool.

The Airport will now be open till at least the end of February UNLESS we get a heatwave that makes the ice unsafe. So, we have at least another 2-weeks. I will keep you posted.

There are quite a few posts, from past years, on this ‘Airport on Ice‘.

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by Anura Guruge