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Fidelity Investments: HEADS UP — Old Positions Screen, As Of NOW, Might Not Be Up-To-Date!

As you must know Fidelity for the last 7 months (maybe longer) have been trying to get us to move to the “New Accounts & Trade” system. Many probably have. I, very much a creature of habit, have resisted. Yes, I have tried it and have given lots of feedback.

Last week, given that I have fairly frequent, always extremely pleasant, chats with Fidelity representatives over the phone, I heard that we would soon have no option. We would have to move to the new system.

Just ‘now’ I discovered a FATAL flaw in the old system and had it CONFIRMED by Fidelity. The old system STOPPED showing, on ‘Positions’, my latest transaction! Yes, given my uncontrollable addiction for option trading, I did some today. [When I called Fidelity the automated system always tells you how many orders you have executed that day. Told me that I had 10. TEN! I am embarrassed. I wrote 10 options this morning. That is bad. As addictions go it is not a bad addiction. I made money. So it is an addiction that costs nothing and in the long term is mainly benign in that, after decades, I finally am at the point where I will NOT write any ‘underwater’ options. But, me and my option trading addiction is a story for another post. But, I am smiling. SMILE.]

Anywho, I wrote an option. It was executed. It appeared in history. But NOT in the old positions. It does appear in the new.

That is scary. So basically as of around 1:15pm today you can NO LONGER trust what is on the old positions.

I had a lovely chat with another delightful Fidelity representative. He confirmed that what I was seeing and saying was true. He did not know.

So a heads up. Not the end of the world. Just use the NEW system.

My latest requests re. New system were three (3): a Fidelity based zoom options, option to be able to make the columns narrower and to be able to rearrange the order of the columns.

Hope this helps.