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Pope Francis Blames Synod Bishops To Cover Up His Own Conservative Views On Gays.

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by Anura Guruge

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Francis says the darnest things 

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Just one example of the coverage of Pope Francis blaming the Synod bishops for exclusion. This from the the ‘Washington Post’. Click to access original. Google for more.


Just one example of the coverage of Pope Francis’s infamous meeting with gay-marriage license withholding Kim Davis. This also from the the ‘Washington Post’. Click to access original. Google for more, many more.


From my August 2015 “Pope Francis U.S. Visit” book — giving just some specific examples of Francis’ known opposition to same-sex ‘relationships’. Click to ENLARGE and read here. Use link below to access book.

Click here to access my “Pope Francis’ U.S. Visit — 2015: A Guide For The Curious” book, $0.99 ebook.

Pope Francis is not being genuine when he is BLAMING the synod bishops for their opposition to ‘opening the doors’ for gays.

Despite his confounding ‘why am I to judge’ remark, Pope Francis, a conservative at heart, has a well documented 100% track-record of opposing anything to do with LGBT inclusion. He even refused to allow the French to send a gay Ambassador to the Vatican.

IF the Synod bishops had opened the doors to gays the pope would have NIXED IT!

He is being very disingenuous even by his standards!

The pope does NOT need synodical approval to do whatever he wants. He issued his edicts on the new Catholic marriage annulment standards without any consultations with a synod, cardinals or bishops. That is the beauty of being a pope as opposed to a President or Prime Minister. Absolute, unfettered, dictatorial, autocratic powers. Plus he can’t be voted out of office, impeached or does he have term-limits.

Pope Francis can just thumb his nose at this synod on families.

But he will NOT. Despite his posturing this is what he too wanted.

He can prove me wrong. He can go against the bishops. Other popes have.

Pope ‘Who Am I To Judge’ Francis Takes A Dig Against Gay Marriage.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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Francis says the darnest things 
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Click to ENLARGE and read here. Use link below to access original VIS coverage.

Click here to access the original
‘Vatican Information System’ (VIS) coverage.

This pope, Francis, IF you haven’t worked it out as yet is the absolute master of doublespeak. IF he was Indian as opposed to Argentinian we would say: ‘this pope speaks with forked tongue’.

What he says, which he knows will get FAVORABLE media coverage, is NOT what he believes in or, even more importantly, what he plans to change.

Despite his (in)FAMOUS “Who am I to judge” remark, this pope, per his upbringing, is not pro LGBT when it comes to Church teaching. He, just last week, refused to accept the nominated French ambassador to the Vatican because he was gay.

He has openly opposed gay marriage and adoption by gay couples.

So this is yet another HEADS UP to those that labor under the mistaken assumption that this pope, Francis, will change the Catholic Church’s attitude and teachings when it comes to LGBT.

Pope Francis Despite Mass Appeal Runs Into Opposition & Continues To Contradict.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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The pope’s opposition to the same sex adoption law being considered in Malta despite his famous, populist claim as to ‘who am I to judge’, is but just one example of how this pope will continue to trip up since he is playing a dangerous game: making platitudes to please the masses though he has no intention at all to change Church teaching, stance or doctrine. So while he orally panders to the gay community he stands by the book when it comes to the entrenched Catholic belief on this thorny subject. It is very confusing.

Ditto when it comes to his inflammatory remarks about wealth, capitalism and charity. I noticed that on Christmas Eve and New Years Day he was proudly wearing his five (5) gem studded GOLD pallium pins — each worth a few thousand dollars! Those are supposed to represent the rusted nails used to crucify Jesus. IF this pope was serious about wealth distribution he wouldn’t flaunt these gold pins. He would use cheap metal pins.

Ken Langone, one of the founders of Home Depot, confounds me. I see him often on CNBC. He is one of the most obnoxious (and ugly looking) men I have had the misfortune of having to witness. I typically switch channels because he upsets my stomach. But, I am glad to see that he is mad with the pope. But, to be fair as far as I can see Langone doesn’t seem to like anybody other than himself — but that is probably because he hasn’t looked in a mirror in a long time.

Anyhow, here is a small sampling of the HOT WATER that the pope is running into — and will continue to run into. Click on each to access the original. Enjoy.




And then this … which is quite funny …
but this is the pope’s own doing.


Pope Francis’ ‘Who Am I To Judge’ Does NOT Extend To Same Sex Adoption. Pope Displays True Colors.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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Click to access article from 'Time'. Google 'Francis Malta' for more ...

Click to access article from ‘Time’. Google ‘Francis Malta’ for more …

As a profession (and rather successful) ‘Pope Watcher‘ I knew this was going to happen.

Kind of in the same league as Francis and his gold pallium pins — when he keeps on harping on about charity.

The problem, that so many,
especially the clowns in the media,

haven’t worked out is that this Pope is CONSERVATIVE!
He had to be, to be created a cardinal by John Paul II (#265).
Under John Paul II & Benedict XVI (#266)
prospective cardinals

had to sign an OATH confirming that they are
bona fide traditionalists.


He is not going to change the Catholic wide-stance on gay folks, abortion, contraception, women priest, clerical celibacy etc. etc. He just likes to talk a good game. BIG DIFFERENCE.

This is why I did this post for you. Pope’s talk about inclusiveness does NOT change Catholic doctrine.

The other problem, and I have written about that … is that this pope is very careless, intentionally or otherwise, in what he says. He basically blurts out stuff without thinking about what he is saying. This is not good.

wolfinsheepfurDuring the last 4 months I have been doing a crazy amount of research on Pope John XXIII (#262) since I am writing a book on him. Superficially there are a lot of similarities between Francis and John XXIII. But, John NEVER said anything that he did NOT mean 100%. That is key. John was a very intriguing person. Though of dirt-poor, farming peasant stock, he was extraordinarily astute and clever — in a very street-smart way. He rarely, if ever, put a foot wrong and I have yet to really see an example of ‘foot in mouth’. Not so with Francis. He is a loose cannon.

His ‘horror’ at same sex adoption is going to rattle the LGBT community — as it should. They misread him.

This is going to be an ongoing problem.

This pope has created false expectations
— intentionally, or otherwise.

It will be an interesting 2014.

Happy New Year.

Sri Lanka CHOGM 2013: Some Sri Lankans Appear To Oppose It Too, For Cost (& Corruption) Reasons I Think.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

.by Anura Guruge

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On average I get 3 to 4 e-mails a day from Sri Lankans, that I do not know, with various political, propaganda and op-ed messages. Some are in Sinhalese, which is a shame — because it is pearls before swine.
[I can no longer read Sinhalese though my first 10 grades of schooling was all in Sinhalese and I did ace an ‘A’, at A-level (from the University of London exam board), for Sinhalese in 1970 when I had to get at least an ‘O’-level in a second language in order to apply for any Universities in the U.K.]

Today I got an e-mail with a picture of malnourished kids, who I assume are meant to be Sri Lankan (though I am skeptical of that) alongside a fleet of what looks like bloody German Mercedes Benzes. Picture reproduced below. It had a link to a Facebook page ‘Ape Rata. OK. I am sure ‘Ape’ means ‘OUR’. My Sinhalese isn’t that rusty. And I think ‘Rata’ means ‘country’. So it, I think, means ‘Our Country’. I visited (and yes, given that computers were my life for over 40 years) I do have ways and means of getting to things I want — THOUGH I do not have a Facebook account (to Deanna’s increasing ‘annoyance’ or amusement).

Interesting Facebook. It is all in Sinhalese BUT the pictures are worth a MILLION RUPEES. They cracked me up. The guy with the moustache, in white (our national dress) with a red stole (like the pope, because his wife is Catholic) is the current President — the one that put an end to the three decades old civil war. I do not know him. I think he is the FIRST President that is a total stranger to me. I knew, personally, all of the early ones and even a fairly recent one. This one, I have no personal experience. I have heard good, bad and the ugly.

Well, the cartoons and pictures, all from facebook/aparata tell their own story. I think we can all work out what they are saying. I assume that they must have imposed a 7% tax to cover CHOGM costs. Yes, I had heard about the corruption — but the way I look at it is corruption is all around us and third-world countries like Sri Lanka learned from the best, the West. So, as I like to say, in my pidgin English: ‘It is like the pottle calling the kettle brown’.



Click any of the images to access facebook/aperata


If this is TRUE it is criminal. Why Sri Lankans like bloody German cars is beyond me. Yes, the Germans didn’t bomb us, the Japanese did. What can I say. I can’t apologize because I am not Sri Lankan anymore.


Not much more to add here. Make up your own minds. I really have no skin in the game here.

Lets Find Out The True Facts About The ‘Common Core Curriculum’ Before Opposing It For Purely Pavlovian Political Reasons.



 ..by Anura Guruge

Click to access very well balanced, well presented 'National Review Online' article from just LAST month.

Click to access very well balanced, well presented ‘National Review Online’ article from just LAST month.

Click to access more balanced coverage. It should not also be opposed just because it is new. Yes, old folks tend to be scared of anything and everything new. But, we have to start with an open mind, an open slate.

Click to access more balanced coverage. It should not also be opposed just because it is new. Yes, old folks tend to be scared of anything and everything new. But, we have to start with an open mind, an open slate.