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Pope Francis Despite Mass Appeal Runs Into Opposition & Continues To Contradict.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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Dec. 31, 2013.
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The pope’s opposition to the same sex adoption law being considered in Malta despite his famous, populist claim as to ‘who am I to judge’, is but just one example of how this pope will continue to trip up since he is playing a dangerous game: making platitudes to please the masses though he has no intention at all to change Church teaching, stance or doctrine. So while he orally panders to the gay community he stands by the book when it comes to the entrenched Catholic belief on this thorny subject. It is very confusing.

Ditto when it comes to his inflammatory remarks about wealth, capitalism and charity. I noticed that on Christmas Eve and New Years Day he was proudly wearing his five (5) gem studded GOLD pallium pins — each worth a few thousand dollars! Those are supposed to represent the rusted nails used to crucify Jesus. IF this pope was serious about wealth distribution he wouldn’t flaunt these gold pins. He would use cheap metal pins.

Ken Langone, one of the founders of Home Depot, confounds me. I see him often on CNBC. He is one of the most obnoxious (and ugly looking) men I have had the misfortune of having to witness. I typically switch channels because he upsets my stomach. But, I am glad to see that he is mad with the pope. But, to be fair as far as I can see Langone doesn’t seem to like anybody other than himself — but that is probably because he hasn’t looked in a mirror in a long time.

Anyhow, here is a small sampling of the HOT WATER that the pope is running into — and will continue to run into. Click on each to access the original. Enjoy.




And then this … which is quite funny …
but this is the pope’s own doing.


Sri Lanka CHOGM 2013: Some Sri Lankans Appear To Oppose It Too, For Cost (& Corruption) Reasons I Think.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

.by Anura Guruge

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On average I get 3 to 4 e-mails a day from Sri Lankans, that I do not know, with various political, propaganda and op-ed messages. Some are in Sinhalese, which is a shame — because it is pearls before swine.
[I can no longer read Sinhalese though my first 10 grades of schooling was all in Sinhalese and I did ace an ‘A’, at A-level (from the University of London exam board), for Sinhalese in 1970 when I had to get at least an ‘O’-level in a second language in order to apply for any Universities in the U.K.]

Today I got an e-mail with a picture of malnourished kids, who I assume are meant to be Sri Lankan (though I am skeptical of that) alongside a fleet of what looks like bloody German Mercedes Benzes. Picture reproduced below. It had a link to a Facebook page ‘Ape Rata. OK. I am sure ‘Ape’ means ‘OUR’. My Sinhalese isn’t that rusty. And I think ‘Rata’ means ‘country’. So it, I think, means ‘Our Country’. I visited (and yes, given that computers were my life for over 40 years) I do have ways and means of getting to things I want — THOUGH I do not have a Facebook account (to Deanna’s increasing ‘annoyance’ or amusement).

Interesting Facebook. It is all in Sinhalese BUT the pictures are worth a MILLION RUPEES. They cracked me up. The guy with the moustache, in white (our national dress) with a red stole (like the pope, because his wife is Catholic) is the current President — the one that put an end to the three decades old civil war. I do not know him. I think he is the FIRST President that is a total stranger to me. I knew, personally, all of the early ones and even a fairly recent one. This one, I have no personal experience. I have heard good, bad and the ugly.

Well, the cartoons and pictures, all from facebook/aparata tell their own story. I think we can all work out what they are saying. I assume that they must have imposed a 7% tax to cover CHOGM costs. Yes, I had heard about the corruption — but the way I look at it is corruption is all around us and third-world countries like Sri Lanka learned from the best, the West. So, as I like to say, in my pidgin English: ‘It is like the pottle calling the kettle brown’.



Click any of the images to access facebook/aperata


If this is TRUE it is criminal. Why Sri Lankans like bloody German cars is beyond me. Yes, the Germans didn’t bomb us, the Japanese did. What can I say. I can’t apologize because I am not Sri Lankan anymore.


Not much more to add here. Make up your own minds. I really have no skin in the game here.