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Amazon’s ‘Kindle Direct Publishing’ Now Offering Paperback Print Option Undercutting Amazon’s CreateSpace.

by Anura Guruge


Click to ENLARGE and read here. Use link below to access the original.

Click here to get more information on this from Kindle.

Got the above in an e-mail Wednesday morning.

I was baffled; it made no sense.

Both ‘Kindle Direct Publishing‘ (KDP) and ‘CreateSpace‘ are Amazon companies — though KDP is more tightly integrated with Amazon, e.g., can reach KDP from Amazon.com (usiing same userid/password).

My books are published with BOTH.

‘CreateSpace’ has offered a publish on Kindle option for years — and actually pesters you to do so.

Yes, makes a LOT of sense to combine the two and have just one Amazon publishing company that did BOTH paperbacks and eBooks, i.e., Kindle.

But, in this instance KDP appears to be competing head-on with CS and even telling me to move my paperbacks from CS to KDP.

Does not make sense.

I went to CS to see if I can find a statement. I couldn’t. So I have e-mailed them.

I will keep you posted. Very confusing.

I had noticed that CS since September had been acting jittery. This may have been the cause.

The 36 Companies Owned By Amazon.

Click to ENLARGE.

Click to ENLARGE.

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by Anura GurugeI’m

Rio 2016 Olympics On A Roku — NBC Sports Channel Is Good To Have.

by Anura Guruge


Click image to gain access to “Roku Guide” original.

Requires activation by providing a valid NBC channel provider — which in my case was DISH. Easy enough PROVIDED you do have a provider. Worked quite well though it takes a few minutes for the activation to kick-in and it is BEST to RESTART the channel. You should then see the name of your provider (e.g., DISH) appearing next to the NBC logo at the top of the screen.

A good way to watch the Olympics on NBC. Maybe the ONLY WAY. Yes, there are commercial.

But most of the Olympic events are separately catalogued and there are separate highlights, features and replays. Better than DVRing all of the NBC coverage and trying to find what you want to watch.

So IF you have a Roku and ‘access’ to NBC I would definitely get this Roku channel. I did, and I am glad. Got to watch the women’s bike race.

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by Anura Guruge

9:30am (Eastern) Was THE Time To ‘Buy’ Post Brexit ‘Leave’ Vote. SMILE.

by Anura Guruge


Chart for “Salesforce.com” (CRM), on June 24, 2016 — day after Brexit. From “marketwatch.com” of course — who else? Click to ENLARGE and marvel.

I stayed up till 1:30am (Eastern) watching the Referendum results, LIVE, on BBC 1 on my Roku, “UK TV” channel. [To my disappointment BBC election coverage came across as primitive compared to what we have got used to in the U.S.!]

I was surprised by the result and I really do have genuine, mixed feelings. I am not wildly euphoric that we voted, in a non-binding referendum, to LEAVE — though, deep, deep down, my sentiments are with LEAVE, which is how I voted, 41 years ago in the 1st Referendum.

I don’t believe that this is a done deal and a lot of water will flow under the collectives bridges of the EU before we see anything definitive 2.5 years, minimum, from now.

That the markets reacted the way they did was hilarious to I. It is crazy. Why sell stock today? What has changed?

But I was glad. I had been waiting, biding my time, for a pullback of this magnitude. SMILE. That is what clever investing is all about.

Was on Fidelity at 9:30am. I had NOT factored in that Fidelity would be slow! I should have remembered from past days like this. But it wasn’t too bad.

I wanted to buy more “salesforce.com” (CRM) and “Facebook” (FB) shares — some for the kids. Got it done. I was all done by 9:35am.

Why would AMZN go down $20 in the day? How will Brexit impact AMZN? I don’t think it will. Strangely AMZN options, my bread-and-butter, were not cooperating. Shame. But that is OK. I am not greedy, never was.

More on my feelings on Brexit in another post.

But for now, SMILE. SMILE. SMILE.

P.S., If Scotland AGAIN tries to break away I will be beyond bummed. 

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by Anura Guruge

I Am Not Sure I Want Amazon (AMZN) Stock To Split Though It Appears Predestined Already.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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Click to access ‘MarketWatch.com’ original.

When Netflix (NFLX) and Apple (APPL) split.
Charts from Yahoo finance. Click to ENLARGE.



With over 30 years of investing behind me I am now savvy enough to know that stock splits — or even reverse stock splits — don’t change the essential economic or operational dynamics of the underlying company. Splits are essentially artificial and contrived mechanisms to rejig the price of  a stock into a more ‘acceptable’ trading range.

I, as a proud and v. happy Amazon shareholder, expect AMZN to be approaching $800 by March 2016 — and my very active, even frenzied, option trading on AMZN reflects that. SMILE.

And for the last few weeks I have realized, innately, that an AMZN stock split could be likely, as was the case with APPL and NFLX, when the price gets into the $700 range.

But a AMZN stock split does NOT fill me with joy. Yes, even a 3-for-1 split would ensure that I would be able to claim that I own thousands of AMZN shares — and yes, that would further increase my stock option trading options (if you know what I mean). SMILE.

But, after years of pondering, the split-issue I finally have a concrete answer as to why I do NOT like splits of EXPENSIVE stock — like AMZN.

It brings in the WRONG CLASS of investor!

Sorry. It is not a question of being snobbish, it is a matter of safeguarding one’s assets.

At $600 – $700 you can keep away the casual, uninformed (if not totally clueless) retail investor. And that means you don’t get silly gyrations.

At $70 everybody and their dog thinks that they can own 100 shares — and then we get into the knee-jerk, totally irrational trading.

IF you study the NFLX chart, carefully, you will see that the split didn’t do the serious, long-term investors, such as I, any favors — though it made option trading more exciting.

I am fairly resigned to the fact that AMZN will most likely split in 2016. Yes, I will play options like crazy around the split since there will always be the totally meaningless SPIKE in price ahead of and just after the split. Well, you can’t win them all.

Google’s Way Cool ‘Awaken The Force Within’ Star Wars Option For Your Google Apps.

Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail.
. .
by Anura Guruge

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Yoga Doodle.

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It starts off as the FOOTNOTE on the standard Google search page.


Then YOU have to decide whether YOU join the DARK or Light side.

Do I have a CHOICE?

I don’t think so. I am a DARKIE whichever way you look at me.


What Google Mail looks like with the ‘Dark Side’ option.



Fidelity Investments: HEADS UP — Old Positions Screen, As Of NOW, Might Not Be Up-To-Date!

As you must know Fidelity for the last 7 months (maybe longer) have been trying to get us to move to the “New Accounts & Trade” system. Many probably have. I, very much a creature of habit, have resisted. Yes, I have tried it and have given lots of feedback.

Last week, given that I have fairly frequent, always extremely pleasant, chats with Fidelity representatives over the phone, I heard that we would soon have no option. We would have to move to the new system.

Just ‘now’ I discovered a FATAL flaw in the old system and had it CONFIRMED by Fidelity. The old system STOPPED showing, on ‘Positions’, my latest transaction! Yes, given my uncontrollable addiction for option trading, I did some today. [When I called Fidelity the automated system always tells you how many orders you have executed that day. Told me that I had 10. TEN! I am embarrassed. I wrote 10 options this morning. That is bad. As addictions go it is not a bad addiction. I made money. So it is an addiction that costs nothing and in the long term is mainly benign in that, after decades, I finally am at the point where I will NOT write any ‘underwater’ options. But, me and my option trading addiction is a story for another post. But, I am smiling. SMILE.]

Anywho, I wrote an option. It was executed. It appeared in history. But NOT in the old positions. It does appear in the new.

That is scary. So basically as of around 1:15pm today you can NO LONGER trust what is on the old positions.

I had a lovely chat with another delightful Fidelity representative. He confirmed that what I was seeing and saying was true. He did not know.

So a heads up. Not the end of the world. Just use the NEW system.

My latest requests re. New system were three (3): a Fidelity based zoom options, option to be able to make the columns narrower and to be able to rearrange the order of the columns.

Hope this helps.