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A Very Pivotal International Awareness Week. Please Join Me In Paying Homage This Week And Every Day (As I, For One, Am Wont To Do).




Anura Guruge

My dear wife, who is my eyes and ears on many matters since she knows that I tend to be obsessively focused on whatever I am working upon at any given time, brought this, very important awareness week, to my attention yesterday evening. [Without Deanna giving me a heads up on Comet ISON, I would not have ended up writing two books about it.]

She knew that I had been a longtime disciple, a devotee. And remember Deanna wants me to write a book on my other creed: An “O” a day sure will keep the doctor away.

So, she realized that I would appreciate it. And I am glad.

But, as far as I am concerned, how can anybody ever forget? It is so fundamental to world happiness and peace! OK, I guess maybe they have a point. If more people paid more attention, year around, the world will definitely be a better place.

So, please let us all take a few minutes, and by all means feel free to spend more time, savoring and revelling in this awareness week. If you need to, spend some time getting really up close and familiar with the subject at hand, please feel free to do so. It will pay manifold dividends.

So, let us celebrate. Let us give thanks. Let us never, ever forget. It is the FONT of world happiness — and trust me, the world can never be happy, unless the women agree to that happiness!

Oh. You want to know what the heck I am waxing lyrical about (and DO NOT misinterpret the ‘waxing’ because that is not natural).

Here it is.


I Am Done With Popes! The ‘Next Pope’ Was My Gig And We Have The Next Pope. Moving On. Signed Off From Papal Blogs.


Anura Guruge

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The popes were never going to be my life’s work. Plus, even with all I did on popes over the last 8 years, my legacy, per the indelible trail on the Web, will be ‘SNA‘! That is OK. If not for SNA I could not have done the popes.

So, I have quiesced my two pope blogs with this post.

With luck, I hope to master at least one other field before I die. Right now my sights are on ‘Near Earth Objects‘ (NEOs). There is so much happening out there. Actually I have been working on NEOs for the last 16 months. I have two books, both 90(+)% complete. Very unlike me. I usually finish books. So, I have to finish one of these. Otherwise it would be 16 months of writing, mainly during my 3rd shift, down the drain. IF I manage to get at least one of them out, it will be my second book on astronomy.

Baccus, my type of deity.

My son is very anxious that I write a book on ‘befriending the brain‘. I need to do that. I also need to write a book that has his name on the title. He, rightly, claims that that is his due since Teischan and Devanee both have books with their names in the title. I also better do one of Danielle, my oldest — though, she, all her life, has been the least demanding.

Deanna wants me to write on what I am now thinking as the ‘Bacchus Way Of Life Per Anura‘ — the virtues of a glass or red wine and an orgasm a day. Other than for his looks, I have always, since I was a teenager, identified with Bacchus. There are terms that are used to describe him, which are so me: ‘ritual madness and ecstasy‘ & ‘from the east, as an Asiatic foreigner‘. There is another, that is so me, but I can’t mention it here because Deanna will say it is not appropriate. To be fair, I have been saying that I was going to write this book for over 6 years. So that is on the list.

I really feel that I need to rationalize Buddhism to the world! There are so many misrepresentations. So now that I tackled the popes, Buddhism seems like a logical thing to turn to — especially given that I was once steeped in it, whereas I really have no real background with Catholicism.

So that is the plan. But, it can all change. I no better than to have plans. Most of my plans unravel.

All I know is that as of today, Pope Francis day one, after having done 4 or 5 posts earlier in the day, to keep them honest, I am done with popes — at least for 2013. There is, however, one caveat. If there is another sede vacante in 2013, i.e., the need for a third pope in the year, I am sure to jump in with both feet because I will find it impossible to stay away.

Two Buddha statues from Ceylon/Sri Lanka.