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Me Talking About Orgasms On “Our Better Half”: An ‘Audio Blog’ On Over 50s Sex & Sexuality.

by Anura Guruge


Click image to ENLARGE and goggle in wonder. Use link below to access the PodCast.

Click here to access the Podcast.

My segment starts about 25 minutes in.


Click ENLARGE and read. The textual preface to the Podcast.

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by Anura Guruge

“Our Better Half”: An ‘Audio Blog’ On Over 50s Sex & Sexuality By Author Laura Collins Lyster-Mensh.

by Anura Guruge

Click here to access “Ourbetterhalf.Net” Website
with all the podcasts.

Click on images to ENLARGE and glance through here.


This is Laura Collins Lyster-Mensh’s
rather cool Website. Check it out.
Click on image.


Laura Collins Lyster-Mensh found me through my “Orgasms 101” book — and I am so glad. We are going to explore the possibility of me doing a small podcasts based on the ‘0ver 50’ stuff I talked about in the book. Of course, as ever, you will be the first to hear about it. In the meantime check out the two Websites above.

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by Anura Guruge