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Pope Francis Despite Mass Appeal Runs Into Opposition & Continues To Contradict.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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The pope’s opposition to the same sex adoption law being considered in Malta despite his famous, populist claim as to ‘who am I to judge’, is but just one example of how this pope will continue to trip up since he is playing a dangerous game: making platitudes to please the masses though he has no intention at all to change Church teaching, stance or doctrine. So while he orally panders to the gay community he stands by the book when it comes to the entrenched Catholic belief on this thorny subject. It is very confusing.

Ditto when it comes to his inflammatory remarks about wealth, capitalism and charity. I noticed that on Christmas Eve and New Years Day he was proudly wearing his five (5) gem studded GOLD pallium pins — each worth a few thousand dollars! Those are supposed to represent the rusted nails used to crucify Jesus. IF this pope was serious about wealth distribution he wouldn’t flaunt these gold pins. He would use cheap metal pins.

Ken Langone, one of the founders of Home Depot, confounds me. I see him often on CNBC. He is one of the most obnoxious (and ugly looking) men I have had the misfortune of having to witness. I typically switch channels because he upsets my stomach. But, I am glad to see that he is mad with the pope. But, to be fair as far as I can see Langone doesn’t seem to like anybody other than himself — but that is probably because he hasn’t looked in a mirror in a long time.

Anyhow, here is a small sampling of the HOT WATER that the pope is running into — and will continue to run into. Click on each to access the original. Enjoy.




And then this … which is quite funny …
but this is the pope’s own doing.


Until Created Cardinal, Archbishop Pietro Parolin, Will Be PRO-Secretary Of State, Holy See, Not Secretary Of State.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Click to access original Vatican announcement.

Click to access original Vatican announcement.

In their excitement to break the news the media is losing sight of two key points.

First: Appointment is as of October 15, 2013; not immediate.

Second: Only a CARDINAL can be Secretary of State, Holy See. Pietro Parolin is not a cardinal as yet — though now a cardinalate is guaranteed. ‘Pro-‘, in Latin, means ‘acting’. So until he becomes a cardinal his official title is Pro-. This is true for the heads of nearly all of the important curial dicasteries. You have to be a cardinal in order to officially head them. If not, you can still hold the office, but not the title!

That it is ‘Pro-‘ is not a problem. Quite a few Secretaries of State started off as Pro-, including the current Dean of the College, the holder of three Roman titles (churches), Angelo Sodano.

What is funny is that just yesterday I started thinking about cardinalabili and the next consistory now that my work on comets was coming to an end. November has traditionally been popular for consistories. A November consistory would work. But, then again Pope Francis, not that interested in tradition, might take my recommendation and just have a micro-consistory and just create Parolin.

I, a confirmed pedant, especially when it comes to papal history, just wanted to make sure that we all had the facts right.

I am, of course, sorry to see the departure of ‘my man’, My Lord, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, who in my opinion (and I do follow curial politics better than most) was an outstanding Secretary of State. Thank YOU, Lord Bertone for all of your wonderful work, non-stop inspiration and for being a good and decent human being.


Pope Francis’ GOLD Pallium Pins Strain The Credibility Of The Pope’s Supposed Commitment Towards Helping The Poor.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Pope Francis in Brazil, for 'World Youth Day', July 25, 2013, where his theme was the dangers of money and the need to help the poor. Click image to ENLARGE. Click link below to access 'news.com.au' article which carried this picture.

Pope Francis in Brazil, for ‘World Youth Day’, July 25, 2013, where his theme was the dangers of money and the need to help the poor. Click image to ENLARGE. Click link below to access ‘news.com.au’ article which carried this picture.

Click to access original article with picture.

I like this pope. I said that from day. Plus, unlike all the other ‘Johnny come latelies‘ I had him, in print, in my ‘Next Pope 2011‘ book, in 2010 as a papabili. So, don’t even think about trying to give me any grief about going after this pope.

I happened to see, yesterday, on TV, the Pope, in Brazil, talking about the evils of money, wearing a pallium. I immediately checked to see what kinds of pins he was wearing. They looked like gold but I wasn’t going to jump to conclusions. I wanted to be sure. So this morning I went checking for photographs. He is using gold pallium pins. They could actually be those that his extremely vain predecessor, the noted dandy, had designed with jewel heads.

I am nothing but consistent when it comes to this issue of pope’s dripping gold (like … (and you can substitute your favorite euphemism)).

This is from Christmas day 2011 — and look at the pins.

Click to access at my 'popes and papacy' blog.

Click to access at my ‘popes and papacy’ blog.

For those of you who are not familiar with palliums and the 5 pins, let me tell you about the irony of using gold pins — a fashion started by the vainglorious German pope.

The 5 pins are supposed to represent the five rusted nails used to crucify Jesus on the cross!

With all due respect and all humility that I can muster, there is nothing that this pope can tell me or teach me about charity. I know charity from both sides of the divide.

Wearing unnecessary gold ornaments and then getting on your high horse to talk about the evils of money does not impress me.

Yes, it is possible that this pope was waylaid with these pins, i.e., he was told, at the last minute, that that as all they had. But, I don’t buy that. If this pope was genuine he could have used 5 safety pins and pocketed the five gold pins. Then he should have called out, during Mass, for 5 people running charitable orphanages or dispensaries.  Yes, they have them in Brazil. He should have then given each one one of these. That would have been real class.

I have talked about this before. So far, this pope has been all words, little action. Words are cheap. Actions are more difficult. Here is a simple test. I will contend that I have given more to the poor, in terms of tangible physical goods, than this pope has! We are not talking words, gestures and kissing babies. We are talking chattels, shekels and dollars. Driving around in a Ford Focus is very nice, but did he sell the fleet of German luxury cars owned by the Vatican and give it to the poor? I have yet to hear of this pope, as pope, as an individual, giving anything tangible to the poor.

I have said that this pope, if he really means what he says, should have a yard sale in St. Peter’s Square. The biggest yard sale in the history of man. A real bonfire of the vanities. Some Catholics took exception, but they can’t articulate why? I will, if given a chance, discuss this with the pope directly.

OK. Some of you are going to get mad. But, I am noted for my straight talk even if it is to do with popes. This is a good pope. I like him. But, I do not think he is the smartest pope by a long chalk or one who is savvy. John Paul II (#265) was incredibly savvy. He was street smart. Don’t let anyone kid you. John XXIII (#262) was very, very smart. He knew exactly what he was doing. Benedict XVI (#266) was intellectual in an academic kind of way but was not street smart — and furthermore did not care about being street smart. He, like popes from yore, did not see a need to related to the plebs on Earth. This pope is very genuine. He is sincere but seems rather naive and simple. Not bad traits, but traits nonetheless.

So that is where we are. Yes, I would rather have this pope than the prior one. I just wish this pope would match his words, especially when it comes to looking after the poor, with actions.

Enough said.