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Our Coconut Thumb Pianos. You Should Try Them Out. Very Soothing. Sounds Good Too.


Anura Guruge

Panasonic Lumix ZS20 did take great pictures. Deanna took this halfway up Prospect Mountain Road, Alton, NH on Friday.

Click to ENLARGE. The two coconut thumb pianos. Mine is the plainer on the right.

thumb piano

Deanna’s thumb piano, from eBay. Click to ENLARGE.

71VKA0CaseL._AA1500_Devanee wanted a Caribbean steel drum for Christmas. So, I went shopping on Amazon, as is my wont.

I was going to start off with a table model. The price came as bit of a surprise. But, she definitely wanted one. [It is actually well made, sounds good and comes with instructions.]

As I was shopping, as is Amazon’s practice, they kept on suggesting other items — knowing my record, very well, of being an impulse buyer.

One of the things they flashed at me was the coconut thumb piano — the plain one. It was Christmas, so I added it to the cart.

When I opened it at Christmas, everybody wanted to play with it. Deanna wanted one.

I checked eBay. They had the fancy one, for a good price — which included shipping. So we now have one each. They are very soothing. Very compelling. We don’t know how to play them but thwacking the keys definitely cheers you up. Definitely recommend them. Nice to have around too.