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Clinton Server: They Found 650,000 e-Mails On Weiner & Huma Abedin Shared Laptop! 650,000 e-mails.

by Anura Guruge

Click here for the October 31, 2016, U.K. “Daily Mail” original.


650,000 is a BIG number.

Mind boggling when it refers to e-mails downloaded and stored on a shared laptop.


That number, I noticed, is not being quoted in the U.S. media (or at least not as yet).


IF even 1,000 of these belong to Huma Abedin she is toast.

Hillary Clinton, alas, will be history.

650,000 e-mails.

That is mind boggling. How many e-mails can a person REALISTICALLY deal with in a day? I know that corporate executives get around 200/day and that is about their realistic limit. Did Weiner have a LOT of short e-mails?

650,000! Yikes.

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by Anura Guruge

Clinton e-Mail Revelations — Weiner & Huma Sharing A Laptop, Private Server Was Irrelevant, Immaterial.

by Anura Guruge


For those of us that are technical and network/e-mail savvy, the current, James Comey initiated flap, has NOTHING to do with Hillary Clinton’s infamous private e-mail server.

It is NOT the server that is at issue here. It is the e-mails downloaded to an insecure laptop shared with a person who does NOT work for the State Department.

Same problem could have happened IF there was NO Clinton private e-mail server.

Huma could have still got classified e-mails on her State Department, “state.gov“, e-mail account.

So to bring up the server here is CRAZY.

redherringThe issue is WHY would Huma SHARE a laptop with her husband. Now it is possible that she has her OWN, password protected userID for that laptop. That is important. IF she did, then this somewhat of a red herring.

I wish the media understood these details and made a better fist of explaining them to the masses.

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by Anura Guruge

Network (Wi-Fi/Ethernet) Speed/Bandwidth Test For Roku With “Speed Test” App.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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This APP really should be a built-in standard feature within the Roku System menu. It is not.

Roku, in its ‘Network’ menu, does NOT provide a speed test/bandwidth test — and one really is handy if you are having loading or image quality issues (as can often be the case with say Sling). I had been using an external speed test whilst promising myself that I will check to see if I can get a Roku ‘App’ [actually a channel].

It is easy enough to find IF you Google it.

It is a PRIVATE channel. So it has to be installed from a PC. You need to be able to logon to your Roku account — i.e., you need to know your password.

Other than that it is easy enough. On the Roku, on the System menu, click ‘Check UPDATES’ to force the Roku to download and install the App.

You will love it.

Obama Has Resurrected The Discredit, Disbanded ‘Acorn’ As Healthcare.gov (i.e., Obamacare) Navigators At HUGE Cost To Taxpayers.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.acornlogo

Anura Guruge

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I made two desperate phone calls to the Healthcare.gov Call Center yesterday.

I was so frustrated that I was nearly sobbing. I had been trying for 3 hours to get somewhere. Those were my 25th and 26th calls to the Call Center!

The first guy I got, and you could tell from his accent and the way he spoke that he was black (and wanted to flaunt it), was basically churlish. Told me upfront that he wasn’t sure whether he could help me. He was laughing. To him it was a JOKE. Since I had been on hold about 10 minutes to get through to him I didn’t want to hang up. So I perceived. Then he says: ‘Oh! I can’t help you. My password has expired. It will take me 30 minutes to get one‘ AND THEN HUNG UP! He is getting paid for all this, supposedly at $45/hour!

Something in my ‘political junkie mind’ told me that that guy, probably on drugs, sounded like an Acorn worker.

But, I still needed to get bloody insurance. So I called again. Another hold. This time a girl. I could hardly understand her — and I know that I, with my heavy accent, is really in no place to criticise. She probably felt the same way about understanding me.

She was also downright RUDE. By then I really was sobbing. I was so, so frustrated. It is a sad thing when bloody Obama can get a 60 year old man to CRY. The WORST decision I have ever made in my life was to support that man. I should have known. 

She too, like the original guy, basically said that she wasn’t sure whether she could help me. But, unlike that jerk, she didn’t laugh.

She, to her credit, did do one thing for me — and for that I am thankful. She, by some miracle, deleted the two incomplete (because I couldn’t bloody complete them) online applications I had.

That allowed me to start again.

So, this morning I find ALL of this with but a single Google.

This is downright FRAUD as I have been saying all along. Obama shouldn’t just be impeached he should be sent to prison for this FRAUD.


Just Google ‘obamacare navigators acorn’


Click to access very good coverage.