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Paypal’s Non-Integration With ‘Venmo’ Inexcusable & Inexplicable.

by Anura Guruge

Though I have been using Paypal for over 2-decades I only heard about ‘Venmo’ a couple of days ago — when I had to put down a deposit for our new puppy (who as of today has a name (viz., ‘Rowen’)). The breeder ONLY deals in Venmo.

First thing I discovered was that Paypal OWNS Venmo. Good. I am glad.

I have been a Paypal shareholder since day 1 of their ‘IPO’ (or to be precise split from eBay).

I could NOT pay the breeder via Paypal.

Paypal does NOT recognize the Venmo userID. That is crazy. That is stupid.

I had to install Venmo on my phone in order to send the money. I was NOT amused.

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by Anura Guruge

I Used ‘FaxZero’ For The 1st Time Last Night; I Was Pleased & Impressed.

by Anura Guruge

Click image to access ‘FaxZero.com’.

I have always hated faxes with a vengeance. Such a pain. I was so thrilled when e-mails started to supplant bloody faxes. But, as some of you know, doctors insist on using faxes citing HIPAA compliance etc.

Well, I had to send a fax last night — yes, to my eye doctor.

We used to subscribe, many, many years ago to a fax service. I couldn’t even remember its name.

I wanted a Web-based service. FaxZero came up. It was FREE so I gave it a spin.

It worked. It even provides delivery confirmation. No messing around. Quite professional. I was so happy & impressed that I gave them a TIP via PayPal. They earned it.

Just wanted to let you know. Next time you need to send a fax try them out. I am sure that you will NOT be dissapointed. I wasn’t.

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by Anura Guruge

Tesla Going Private — Why You Should Always Back Elon Musk.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE & enjoy.

I have learned from experience, good rather than bad, that it is always best to embrace Elon Musk rather than better against him. Yes, I talk as one lucky enough to have owned PayPal stock from day one. I had been invested in eBay for decades. So, when the PayPal spin-off came I automatically got PP shares. Since then I have sold most of my eBay and bought PayPal. That is how I realized that Elon Musk can make you money.

Two (maybe three) years ago I bought a FEW (and I truly mean) FEW shares of Tesla for $240. It was an expensive and risky stock. I held on to my few shares through thick-and-thin. I just wish I had bought more, but I never complain. If you make money, it is always a good thing. There is no point worrying about the money you didn’t make. Just enjoy and be pleased with what you did make.

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by Anura Guruge

Obi110/100: Continuing To Use ‘Google Voice’ With The $6 ‘Simon Telephonics’ ‘Google Voice Gateway’ (GVGW) Fix.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE. Link to ‘Simon Telephonies’: simonics.com

The excellent instructions by ‘Simon’ himself. They work. Yes, at the END keep on refreshing, recycle power …. CLICK image to access the original posts with step-by-step instructions and PICTURES.

Click to ENLARGE. What my Obi110 Dashboard looks like now.

My ‘Google Voice‘ outbound service on the OBi110 stopped working this morning. Since OBi had screwed us before with Google Voice I kind of figured out, quite quickly, that this most likely was a software issue.

Did a few Google searches and LUCKILY stumbled upon the ‘Simon’ post, at the OBiTalk Forum, referenced above. A $6 FIX! I was skeptical since there were some bad reviews too. I was also worried that I might not be able to get it to work. But, $6 — on PayPal. Was worth a try.

IT WORKED — to my delight and relief.

The PayPal part was fine. No problems.

It took a FEW — nerve wracking — minutes, with multiple saves, browser refreshes and one cycling of power on the OBi110 before it took hold. Once it did, it was FINE.

So, …

What have you got to lose? $6?

I just hope this works for a few months.

Thank YOU, Simon.

You saved my day.

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by Anura Guruge

Fuji X-Pro 2 Firmware Issue — Resetting All Custom Menu Settings …

by Anura Guruge


Just happened to see this, by chance, when I was browsing through “DPReview” this morning (in my constant quest to try and stay abreast of camera news).

This flaw, which appears not to be an isolated fluke, distresses me. The Fuji X-T2 which I hope to purchase as soon as it is available will share much of the base firmware code from the X-Pro2 (as it should).

Yes, as a software programmer going back to 1969, I fully appreciate that any and all new software will have some bugs. But this, in a very basic and key function, is not acceptable. They had to have seen this during the testing. That is what bugs me? How could a global RESET like this go unnoticed when thousands of folks, inside and outside of Fuji, would have been playing with this camera as it was being developed.

Yes, of course, Fuji will release a Firmware Update to fix it — and I am surprised that they haven’t done so already. Hhhmmm.

Ironically this harks back to one of my pet themes when I was a much more active IT consultant to leading manufacturers. I would argue passionately that for reasons I could not explain the Japanese (and the Chinese) were not that great at creating software — their prowess being hardware. I think that still stands. All the major software companies — Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, eBay, PayPal — are all U.S. That is NOT a coincidence.

I will keep you posted on this X-Pro2 issue.

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by Anura Guruge

I Sold My Sony RX100 MkII On eBay For A Decent Price.

by Anura Guruge


I listed it as a 5-day auction, finishing around 2:30pm on Thursday, February 4, 2016 — Sri Lanka Independence Day.

I offered it to you folks for $320. I listed it on eBay with a start price of $305 & $14.75 for shipping (and shipping with $300 insurance came to $16.60).

Some 120 odd people (and some were very odd indeed) looked at it (per eBay statistics) and by Thursday morning 11 were watching it. But no bids. Then the first bid came in from a first time eBay buyer — with ‘0’ feedback. That scared me. Didn’t like the idea of shipping a $350 camera to a person unknown to eBay. I was even thinking of refusing to ship if that person won. Well all the action was in the last few minutes! I guess this was always the case with eBay. The new buyer tried valiantly but was beaten out much to my relief.

The lady who bought it, from California, paid at once. That is always encouraging. I did the shipping label through PayPal. PayPal likes it — and I am an eBay & PayPal shareholder. So I have to support these companies. I am happy. I would rather have sold it locally. Something else that was nice and PayPal told me this. Camera in its box fits in, with tons of space to spare, in a USPS 2-day, Flat-Rate Medium Size box — and the weight limit is 70 pounds. The camera and the book was less than 2 pounds. So this was easy. I am even sending her the printed manuals though I did not include them in the eBay listing. Might as well.

Now come the ‘fun’ part. Looking for a NEW camera. My 5th in since September 2015! I told you. This is why I avoided cameras for 30 years. I like them too much. REALLY going to try to standardize on Fuji. Fuji and I are very compatible — emphasis on still photography rather than video and LOTS of control wheels/buttons. Stay tuned. 

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by Anura Guruge

Handmade, Welded Metal 18″ Lobster Wall Hanging From Maine.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

We bought one of these handmade lobsters when we went to Rockland, Maine on Sunday. Actually buying this lobster was one of the reasons for that quick, day visit. They are made by Deanna’s great-nephew, who is a professional welder. He makes them to order. Each one, as such, is slightly different. It is cute. Deanna, a lobsterman’s daughter, likes to have lobster memorabilia around.

IF you would like one too we can order it for you. $300 + shipping (at cost). You can pay by PayPal or by check. Just e-mail me (my e-mail is on the sidebar).

by Anura Guruge

I Bought My Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 From BuyDig.com Rather Than Amazon!

My FZ1000 with MY wrist-strap.

Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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Fall foliage — October 1, 2015.

‘Unable to Display’ error on Sony!

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Click to ENLARGE and read here. The 3 FZ1000 buying options presented by BuyDig.com. http://www.buydig.com/

Click to ENLARGE. My actual invoice at BuyDig — on FZ1000 order placed Saturday, September 26, 2015.

That I did NOT buy the Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 from Amazon, in my little (fairly insignificant) world is pretty dramatic and drastic. It is akin to me saying I have given up red wine for life or that I went to see a priest about becoming Catholic. Or maybe, horrors of horrors I decided to renege on my commitment to donate my body to science. Yes, it was a HUGE ‘about-turn’ on my part.

I love Amazon. My emotional and financial investment in Amazon is HUGE. I published my last 10 books (if not more) EXCLUSIVELY with Amazon. All my books are listed on Amazon. I am an Amazon Prime Member. I am an Amazon Associate. I have an Amazon Vendor account. I do MOST of my purchasing on Amazon. Typically a week does not go by without me getting something from Amazon. And then there is my financial stake in Amazon. Lets just say that I have more equity in Amazon shares than I have in ANYTHING else in the world — and that includes our (rather modest and unprepossessing) house. Yes, it is all relative ….

I bought the star-crossed Sony a77 mk II from Amazon. Since I was getting a FULL REFUND on that I could easily have got the Lumix FZ1000 from Amazon.

But I didn’t.

3 Reasons:

1/ Amazon would not have fulfilled the camera order themselves — it would have come from another, third-party camera dealer (as was the case with the Sony — which came from Cameta Camera).

2/ There were TOO MANY NEGATIVE comments on Amazon of people getting ‘used’ FZ1000 or those without a U.S. warranty.

3/ Amazon’s price was the same as that from BuyDig and I could get MORE from BuyDig BEFORE I applied a $15 discount.

4/ BuyDig was offering a FREE 3 year Panasonic Warranty (precluding me from having to think about buying extended coverage, other than for accidents).

So I got it from BuyDig. This was probably the fourth or fifth camera I have bought from them. They are Beach Camera under another name. They are good.

They offered, as you can see above, two different bundles for the SAME price as the BASE FZ1000. I got the bundle that had the MOST ITEMS. Smile. Like I always say, “I am not totally stupid, just partially”. I needed a SDHC card (because I had to return one with the Sony) and I needed some filters. The additional battery and charger were a bonus. I ordered a Wasabi Power Battery (2-Pack) separately. I trust Wasabi. So for the SAME PRICE as Amazon I was getting more, a discount and FREE shipping. And the camera arrived Tuesday morning, by FedEx, at 8:30am! Good deal. With BuyDig I had at least 3 options by which to pay for the camera. One was via Amazon! That was wild. But, I didn’t chose that — though that would have been a neat ‘best-of-all-worlds’ compromise. Instead I opted to go with PayPal — where among other things I instantly get 0% APR credit. Plus, I own PayPal shares too! Nothing like my holding in Amazon, but I am, nonetheless a shareholder of PayPal, from DAY 1. Plus by going with PayPal I have their ‘protection’ too, in addition to BuyDigs promises. Plus with BuyDig you also get Google ‘protection’. So it is like having belt-and-braces on top of what BuyDig promises.

So that is the story. I thought it was worth sharing because it was a fairly momentous decision for me — and a HUGE endorsement for BuyDig.

The camera bag, as was the case with Cameta and the Sony a77, was ridiculously SMALL. Take a look. I didn’t even dare put the FZ1000 in it. It might have been a very snug fit BUT I doubt whether I could have got my fingers around the camera without scraping them each time. I knew the bag would be a joke. I just gave it to Tesichan so that she can use it to carry doll stuff. I had a new bag that I had got for the Sony.

My first few pictures with the FZ1000.

New Hampshire foliage pictures with the FZ1000.

A few more pictures with the FZ1000.
Click to ENLARGE.

eBay PayPal (PYPLV) Split — ‘Ex-Div’ Date Monday, July 20, 2015 — Strictly Dollar-for-Dollar Split

PayPal, PVPLV, symbol

New PayPal, PVPLV, symbol. Already trading on a nominal basis — till Monday, July 20, 2015. Click to access ‘MarketWatch’ coverage.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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eBay chart. Click to access ‘MarketWatch’ coverage.

The PayPal spinoff from eBay takes place at ‘midnight’ this Friday, July 17, 2015. But the ‘ex-div’ date is July 20.

So you can still buy eBay shares TODAY, Wednesday, July 15, 2015, and get the PayPal spinoff — PYPLV.

PYPLV is ‘trading’ now BUT there are NO shares available. So you are essentially pre-buying the shares!

I owned a few eBay from years back. So I will get some PYPLV on Monday whether I want them or not. I want them. I actually just bought a couple more eBay shares. Way I see it, it is the best way to get into PYPLV.

The split on Monday will be ‘dollar-for-dollar’. Both eBay and PYPLV are trading. So if eBay on Monday is $66 and PYPLV is at $34 — after the split PYPLV will remain (for a few nanoseconds) at $34 and eBay will start off at $32. Essentially OLD $eBay = NEW $eBay + $PYPLV. Got that?

Online Shopping On ‘Payless’ Website — Reminded Me Of ‘Healthcare.gov’! No PayPal. Duplicate Data Entry. Doesn’t Do What It Is Supposed To.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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I do, without fail, all of my Christmas shopping (and for that matter 98% of all my non-grocery purchases) online.

I am nearly done with the kids. They are easy. Just stuff for Deanna, and that is never easy.

This evening she told me she wanted some boots from Payless and sent me a ‘wish list’.

I had never even seen the Payless Website before though I do buy shoes from their stores occasionally.

The stuff was easy enough to find.

It was the checkout that drove me nuts.

They don’t accept PayPal.

To me that is unacceptable.

PayPal is the universal Web  currency.

I love PayPal.

I have used PayPal for 12 or 13 years —
from more or less when eBay started accepting PayPal.

Checkout with PayPal is so easy.

But, since I couldn’t get these boots anywhere else — I had no choice.

So, now I need to type in shipping address etc. etc.

No button to say Billing Address is same as Shipping Address.

So more typing.

I resented it.

On every page it says FREE SHIPPING on Cyber Monday.

Well, I couldn’t get the damn free shipping.

Deanna sent them an e-mail complaining about it.

I just paid the $6 shipping just to get the hell out of that site.

So, just a heads up.

Last few days I have used Amazon, Walmart and eBay in anger.

I typically only shop Walmart online at Christmas.

I am an habitual Amazon and eBay shopper.

But, Amazon, Walmart and eBay were exceptional the last few days.

A pleasure to part money to them.

I will Paymore to avoid the hassle.

So I will not be going to Payless again, unless Deanna wants more boots.