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Sound Of Spring In New Hampshire — The Peepers + Some Sights & More Crocuses.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
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by Anura Guruge

2015 crocuses, Alton, N.H., April 19.

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The Peepers have have been in fine voice
since last Friday.
Had the dogs in quite a tizzy.
They jumped into the swamp to check.
All the Peeping stopped, at once. Quite funny.

I videoed this same swamp last Spring.
It was quite a hit.

So this is the 2015 version.
Prospect Mountain Road, Alton, New Hampshire.
(West on Route 28 close to Barnstead).
This the road that I run on — most days.
1.25 miles uphill — then 1.25 downhill.

Click to access YouTube video. Read the description. The dogs are introduced there, if YOU don’t know them already. They run, off leash, with me. Turn up the VOLUME. Quite impressive.

Pictures taken on Prospect Mountain Road,
Wednesday, April 22, 2015 — Earth Day.

Click to ENLARGE.

Found this “Peeper Ale” bottle, from Maine,
up the road. Despite the signs about throwing rubbish
there is a lot of litter on this beautiful road.

The most unusual object I have seen was a discarded,
purple, female, plastic vibrator. The mind boggles.
Obviously somebody threw it out of a car or truck.
I guess they were still frustrated!

Very apropos. I hope they stopped and listened to the peepers as they supped the ‘Peeper Ale’. Like the picture and the “Do what’s right” message.

Taylor ‘Blueberry Farm’; about 1/2 way up my climb. The swamp with the peepers is at the bottom.

The trees are still bare. One of these is the crab apple tree that bore the LAST red apple in New Hampshire. Find my post.

There is still snow on the ground, in the shade, at the top.

The dogs love the cold, melted snow pools.

Lake Winnipesaukee, N.H.: Spring 2015 Has Sprung, The Crocuses & The Green MGB Are Out.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
. .
by Anura Guruge

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 Sunday, April 19, 2015.

Click to ENLARGE.

MGB pictures will have to be attributed to ‘yours truly’.

5152 x 3864 pixel (4.6MG) high-resolution images of
ALL of the MGB can be found here.

ONLY the FIRST MGB image here is in high-resolution. All the others are scaled down to 40%.

There was never any doubt that the Green MGB would get driven as soon as the roads were dry and the weather hinted of Spring. Well, that day, up here in the Lakes region of New Hampshire was today, Sunday, April 19, 2015. It was a glorious day. Lots of sunshine, all the snow gone, no wind and the temp. getting up to around 60°F.

The 1968 MGB started without much drama. I had been trickle charging battery, off the car, all winter, in my heated workroom. Given that we bought the car in mid-September and didn’t have it ship-shape and inspected till early December this was the first time we got to drive the car when it was warm. What a difference. The last time we drove it was December 30, 2014. The temperature was 18°F though we drove it topless. So a 42°F difference in temperature. Also meant that the car was ‘only’ in hibernation for 110 days. Could have been better, but it could have been worse too.

We drove it for nearly 50 minutes. Went all the way to New Durham and back — with lots of detours. Didn’t see any other convertibles. The ‘Sea Foam’ and other fuel treatment I used over the winter does appear to have made a big difference. It drove well. Lots of power and plenty fast enough. Has the classic British sporting car exhaust sound. It was fun.

We, Devanee & I (and it is Devanee’s car), got back and Deanna pointed out that her crocuses were out. That is pretty amazing in that we had at least a foot of snow over them this time last year.

So, indubitably, Spring must have sprung. The crocuses are out, the peepers are peeping like there is no tomorrow and the Green MGB is out.

Happy Spring.

Pictures taken by Devanee, with her phone.

Wolfeboro, NH: Cotton Valley Rail Trail In Spring, Before The Summer Crowds — A Picture Perfect Study In Tranquility.



 ..by Anura Guruge

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The start of this amazing trail at Wolfeboro, NH.

The start of this amazing trail at Wolfeboro, NH. Click to ENLARGE. This is from Google Maps. Go to Google Maps and check out the whole trail and the bodies of water it skirts.

I am sure it is packed during the Summer. But over the last 4 weeks, on Thursday evening’s, from 7 pm to 8 pm, it has been study in harmonious, inspirational tranquility set against some of the most picturesque aquatic settings in NH’s Lake Region.

Yes, for the last 4 weeks, every Thursday evening I have been walking the trail with undisguised joy, delight and admiration. This is another NH gem. Yes, we have lots of wonderful trails and hikes, but this has to rate high among these for its stately elegance, ease of terrain, diversity of views and the near seamless integration with the surroundings.

This last Thursday, starting at 7:05 pm at the Wolfeboro Railway Station I walked up to Lake Wentworth and back. WOW. WOW NH. Per the map on the trail that was probably close to a 4 mile walk. It took me about 45 minutes. During that whole walk I saw a total of 3 people and 1 small dog on the trail and they were all right by where the trail, at Wolfeboro Falls, crosses 109/28. That was it. The rest of the time I had that trail all to myself — though I would not have had any problems sharing it with others. It is plenty big enough.

Going out all I heard was a perfectly modulated orchestra of spring peepers peeping, insects chirping and birds tweeting. It was not too invasive. It was just right as if nature played with the volume control to get it just right for the time of day and setting. As I said about the Grand Canyon, it is not like I am unaccustomed to solitude and silence. I do live on a dirt road and I do go running up Prospect Mountain Road — which is mainly unpopulated. Right now, though I have my window wide open, and I am 30′ above ground looking at a blanket of delicate Spring greens on the tops of a sea of trees. But, there are no birds tweeting or insects chirping.

So, bottom line, I strongly recommend that you add this trail to your list of favorite NH walks, IF it is not already on your list. Enjoy.

Lakes Region, New Hampshire: The Sounds Of Spring, April 15, 2013, On Prospect Mountain, Alton

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Click to access YouTube video.

Click to access YouTube video. BEST to start around the 19 second mark.