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Google’s “Project Fi” Wireless Service Adds 3 New Phones: 2 High-End, 1 Low-End.

by Anura Guruge

Click image to access Google’s “Project Fi” Website.

Given that I have a Google Pixel 2 I have used Google’s “Project Fi” from the get-go. It was a no-brainer for I since I do NOT have a big need for data. Has worked well for I — plus I use the built-in software SIMM.

The BIG drawback of ‘Project Fi’ was that it basically ONLY supported Google Pixel/Pixel 2 phones a couple of old Motorola phones. Well, this week they have fixed that. Interesting choices. In terms of pricing the two LG phones are much more expensive than the Pixel 2. Wow.

Well, check it out.

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by Anura Guruge

Is Huawei Mate 10 The Only Smartphone Likely To Be Spying On Us?

by Anura Guruge

Click to access “PC Mag” coverage.

I somehow do NOT think so. No I am not paranoid, but as somebody who was in the computer industry for 40-years I am just realistic. 7-8 years ago it was the new ‘smart’ photo frames with USB connections. They were said to be riddled with viruses.

I have long maintained that our ‘antivirus’ programs — including Avast that I (alas) still use — are the worst of Trojan Horses, sitting in our computers keeping track of everything we do.

The issue with Huawei is their supposed ties to the Chinese government.

But, Huawei is NOT the only attractive, mainstream smartphone manufacturer in China. There is also, at a minimum, OnePlus.

I had spent a long time in early December 2017 looking at Huawei and OnePlus phones since they have very compelling camera offering.

In the end, however, I got a Google Pixel 2 because of the SOFTWARE — developed by Google. Google already spies on me so why not let them extend the means by which they do so. Seriously. I can’t stop Google spying on me, so I might as well just keep the number of folks spying on me to a minimum.

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by Anura Guruge

Android 8.1.0 (Oreo) New ‘Storage’ Management Tab Makes Accidental APP Deletion Easy!

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

So the first image, at top, shows what the new Android 8.1.0 (Oreo) STORAGE management tab looks like. Different to what it used to be in prior versions of Android.

Up at the top of that tab there is the BIG BLUE BUTTON that says “FREE UP SPACE“.

When you press that you get the next screen with the filing cabinet with a drawer open … with the “Review Recent Items” link. Click that.

The you get the next screen showing APPS with memory usage next to it. Well, from the older Android versions that could be confused with CACHED data. So, you might just tick that assuming that this will remove the cached data given that we are in STORAGE — not APPs.

Not so. What it deletes is the APP itself!

Yes, the filing cabinet screen warns you of that … BUT who reads the fine print.

So, be warned. No warnings such as “Do You Really Mean To Delete This APP?

Just does it. Not even a CONFIRM screen.

This is poor.

When Android 8.1.0 gets rolled out BEYOND Pixel 2 (XL) phones I am sure a lot of people will run into this.

So, you have been warned.

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by Anura Guruge

Google Pixel 2 (Oreo) — 6 APPs I Installed Disappeared, UNINSTALLED by System!

by Anura Guruge

I posted at “Android Central”. Click image to access my post … thread.

As some of you know (from all the posts on this blog) I got myself 128GB Google Pixel 2 phone for Christmas 2017 — my first real smartphone.

I got it mainly for the camera, but I am glad to have a decent phone — though I still prefer to use my ASUS ZenPad 10.1″ running Android 7.0 for most of the APPs because I like the bigger screen.

Between Christmas and Friday I installed 8 APPs from the Play Store. They are APPs that I also have on my ASUS ZenPad.

These 8 APPs were:

1. Garmin Connect

  2. Samsung Gear

  3. FAST (speed test from NetFlix)

  4. Amazon Kindle

  5. Bank of America

  6. Fidelity Investments

  7. Project Fi

  8. NVMS7000 (security camera app).

Configured them all with account numbers, passwords etc. AND used them all. Took me 20 minutes to set up NSMS7000.

This evening, i.e., Saturday, December 30, 2017, I went to use FAST.

It was NOT there!

Then realized other APPs were missing. Home screen nearly empty. See above image.

From the 8 installed ONLY Project FI and Samsung GEAR remained.

Others gone. Not in APP tray. Not in APPs.

Appears in the Play Store Library — but not as INSTALLED.

I did NOT uninstall them.

Just disappeared.

NOT good.

I just reinstalled and configured them — with the exception of NVMS7000. That takes time and I need my tablet to serve as crib sheet for the settings.

The missing APPS REINSTALLED. Yes, reinstalled. Now I have a screenshot record. Click to ENLARGE.

Called up Google Support. Got the Manila (Philippines) Call Center. That is a frigging JOKE. They are doing ‘ganja’. It is so strong you can smell it over the phone!


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by Anura Guruge

Google Pixel 2 Timestamp-Based Photo Image Numbering Is Not For ‘Professionals’!

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

The photos you take with the Google Pixel 2 are sequenced and identified using a TIMESTAMP-based numbering scheme. The above image clearly illustrates that.

I guess if all of your photo-related work is done on the Pixel 2, this might be OK.

Not so with I.

I post pictures here … to start with … and do so each and every day. Plus, I have to select 7 pictures I am going to feature.

I download the pictures I take with my new Pixel 2 to my 6TB Drobo photo storage system via Google Photo. It is a piece of cake, i.e., the downloading.

But, the timestamp-based numbering REALLY screws me up. The last digits of each photo — as you can see above — is the TIME the photo was taken, using the 24 hours time format. So, pictures taken successively have vastly different ENDING digits. On normal cameras successive pictures are neatly ordered in number sequence … 1923, 1924, 1925, 1926, 1927 etc. etc.

You get the picture?

These photo IDs are a PAIN.

There should be a SETTING OPTION to turn off timestamp-based file names and just have GP20000, GP20001 etc.

I am not happy nor amused.

Very poorly thought out.

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by Anura Guruge

I Get A Handmade Cloth Carrying Case For Google Pixel 2 In Addition To Ringke Case & amFilm Screen Protector.

by Anura Guruge

Click to access Amazon product listing.

Click to access Amazon product listing.

I guess it is because I am not used to carrying a smartphone.

The Google Pixel 2, I got for Christmas, was my first real smartphone — and I got it for its camera rather than phone functions!

I did a fair amount of research before I got the Ringke FUSION (transparent) case and the amFilm glass screen protector. Given all my cameras I have a fair amount of experience with glass screen protectors. So, at least with the amFilm, I knew what I was looking for.

I know that with the Ringke and amFilm I am fairly well covered and protected. But given my camera background it seems odd to me that the lenses are EXPOSED. Plus, my phone lies around, a lot, DAYS AT A TIME, because I do not feel a need to have it near me or carry it around.

So, I wanted a carrying case. Well, I happen to have the perfect seamstress for that. She is good. Took a bit of cajoling BUT she did not charge me. I think she thinks I did ‘OK’ by her over Christmas.

So, I have this rather neat, thick cloth carrying case, with the cloth doubled for added padding!

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by Anura Guruge

Google Pixel 2 Phone Does Not Support Google Maps Offline Mode!

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

I am a great fan of the Google Maps OFFLINE feature. I have most of the local areas downloaded on my Android 7.0 ASUS ZenPad 10.1″ and it works a treat. Before I go anywhere new I make sure to download the pertinent maps. Never had any problems.

So, when I got myself a 128GB Google Pixel 2 for Christmas I set out to do the same thing — i.e., download the New Hampshire, Mass & Maine maps. It just kept on FAILING. Didn’t tell me why. Just that “Download Failed to Complete“. Tried it 8 times — and then decided that this wasn’t a temporary server glitch.

Did a Google. Found the above

That is fine other than the fact that you can’t install a SD card on a Google Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL!

So, you are screwed.

What I find MOST amazing is that Google had not foreseen this problem.

I spoke twice with the Pixel support folks. They had not heard of it and did NOT know what to do.

Tried contacting Maps support — but with NO luck.new-hampshire, alton,

This is unbecoming of Google.


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by Anura Guruge