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Where Have All The Good Manners Gone?

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by Anura Guruge

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Why people think it is so cool to be so rude these days just amazes me.

And I know I am not the only one that feels this way, though I will grant that it is indeed folks of my vintage, i.e., old folks, that bemoan what has happened to what were basic, natural courtesies of old — in particular saying ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’.

Saying ‘Thank You‘ and ‘Please‘ costs very little — and I am saying that there is a small cost, in terms of one’s time, Internet bandwidth, stationery and postage etc., just so as to avoid the distraction of someone claiming that there is a cost.

Recently I sent somebody, whose name I will not mention (because I try to be polite 99% of the time), five 8GB USB sticks with about 4GB of photos on each. The USB sticks were for him and 4 others. So how many people do you think THANKED ME for these sticks. Just one (and it wasn’t the one that got all five to begin with) and even that ‘thanks’ was gruff and grudging. WTF? Is it that hard to send an e-mail to say ‘Thank You’.

After considerable thought I have concluded that it is not ignorance, cussedness or forgetfulness. It is a manifestation of deep seated sexaul angst and insecurity. Saying ‘Thank you’ or ‘Please’ makes these people feel vulnerable and exposed. PLEASE prove me wrong. I will Thank YOU for it.

I already talked about, in this female who works for “Landmark Worldwide” who never said ‘Thank You’ after we found her Kindle, in Philadelphia, tracked her down and mailed it to her. How rude?

And this idiot professor from the University of York who feels that he is too special to be polite. I would NOT want him teaching my kids. 

Yes, I come from the school that believes that all adult human behavior is influenced to some extent by a person’s sexual equilibrium.

Yes, of course I am not polite all the time. There are times when I am viciously rude. But that is when I set out to be rude because I feel somebody deserves to be treated as such. Doesn’t happen often BUT if I am displeased with somebody I can be extremely rude. But 99% I do my best to be polite. I use ‘Thank you’ and ‘Please’, incessantly, even if I don’t have to. It costs little to do so and I LIKE saying ‘Thank You’ and ‘Please’!

I get quite a few requests on e-mail with people asking me for documents, Excel spreadsheets, photographs, information or contacts. IF there is no ‘Please’ in the e-mail I just ignore it. That is my first cut. You don’t say ‘Please’ … then I am not going to bother even reading the e-mail.

Thank YOU for your time.



What Has Happened To Politeness And Basic Manners?


Anura Guruge

I received this e-mail this morning from a total stranger:


Notice, that there is no ‘please’ nor is it a polite request.

Just an imperious, presumptuous summons. He probably thinks that just because he is a bloody ‘Dr.’ and I am ‘non-white’ he can talk to me like I am his house boy.

Well, I was cute. I replied, politely, that: ‘Yes, thank you. I had one‘. You can see that in this 2nd e-mail got from this idiot.


I very rarely swear, verbally or in writing. But, I am a extremely proficient and effective user of swear words. I can swear like you have never heard. I let this guy have it with both barrels. Yes, I have been crazy busy. At the best of times I hate rudeness. He caught me at a bad time.

I went further. I found the contact information for the Vice-Chancellor of this University and wrote to him!

Department of Psychology … my foot. He needs to attend pre-school and learn how to say: ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

Yes, I feel better now.