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Though A Shareholder I Was Very Glad To See Amazon Shares Plunge $24 (3%) Today!

by Anura Guruge


Friday, September 9, 2016 AMZN chart from “marketwatch.com”. Click to ENLARGE and study.


Amazon’s 3% drop wasn’t that bad relative to the markets. I EXPECTED the markets to be down on Friday — ahead of the 9/11 anniversary. Wall Street does not forget. Too close to home. Click to ENLARGE.

5-day and 3 month charts for Amazon (from “marketwatch.com”, of course).


6-month chart highlighting the stupidity of those that panicked and sold. I told YOU it was a mistake. I didn’t buy AMZN that day BUT I did buy some other FANG ‘like’ stocks such as CRM.

Ten years ago I would have been distraught. Panicking. Worried that I was going to lose ‘everything’.

‘Today’ (i.e., Friday) I paid the plunge scant attention!

We needed a pullback.

AMZN had gone up too much at the start of the week. See 5-day chart. That was just irrational exuberance following the Labor Day holiday. There was no real concrete news or results to warrant the $15 rise on Tuesday. That AMZN was going to sell cars was NOT new. I had given you the heads up.

This pullback puts the price in the RIGHT RANGE for now. Over the last 18 months I have got to know this puppy quite well. I have to. I have no choice. My life, quite literally, depends on it. {SMILE}

So just a word of assurance to those who may be upset this weekend that their AMZN tanked. It will hit $800 in the next month — ahead of the results. {SMILE}

After the results it could see $900 before year end.

So relax. I told you NOT to panic during BREXIT. I was right. All the pundits were wrong. {SMILE} Getting old has SOME advantages.

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by Anura Guruge

Comet ISON Gets Zapped By The Sun? Kaput? The Sad End? R.I.P. etc.? Another Cometary Dud? THE END?

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.ISONPrintCover150206
Anura Guruge

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Note the ‘?’s.

ISON may have not got totally zapped!

Now scenario #2 below
looks like what really happened.

Stay tuned.

I did say this was on the cards, from day ONE.
Check my book.

From Page 8 of the BIG, black 'Comet ISON' book no less. So, c'est la vie. Click to ENLARGE.

From Page 8 of the BIG, black ‘Comet ISON’ book no less. So, c’est la vie. Click to ENLARGE.

This NASA SOHO LASCO C3 image shows the EXPLOSION as ISON disintegrates.

Click to NASA video. Very compelling.

Click to NASA video. Very compelling.