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The ‘United Nations’ (UN), Came To Be This Day, 72-Years Ago; October 24, 2017.

by Anura Guruge

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I have spoken from THAT podium,
in front of that green granite that Trump detests.

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As I mentioned in this post from 12-days ago, I grew up an UNESCO brat — with UNESCO a UN agency. So, I am NO stranger to the United Nations.

I have (honest injun) stood at that famous podium, in the UN General Assembly Hall, in front of the green granite, and spoken. It was 1977 or 1978. I was in New York with IBM. My adoptive father’s cousin worked at the United Nations — in the library. These were the INNOCENT DAYS before security concerned ruined so much. I think I walked into the UN HQ building, to meet mu ‘cousin’, without encountering any security. He took me for a tour. The General Assembly Hall was empty. He just walked in. Told me to go up to the podium so that I can tell folks — years later (like now) — that I have stood on that podium. Those were the days, my friends … Life was so much simpler.

Whether you ‘like’ the UN or not, it has done a fair amount for the World and humanity.

It was set up 52-days after the END of WW II to prevent WW III. In that it has been successful — for now. That said we have had TOO MANY WARS in that period, and I do blame the UN to an extent.

Yes, it is NOT anywhere close to efficient as it should be and there is a lot of ‘mismanagement’ and downright corruption. But, that (in this case) goes very much with the territory.

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by Anura Guruge