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Polar Grill Fest, January 26, 2013, In Portsmouth, Supposedly To Aid ‘End Childhood Hunger’ (in the U.S.)

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.


..by Anura Guruge

Click to access the ‘Polar Grill Fest’ Web site with all the information, plus option to buy tickets … albeit with a 25% FEE.

I happened to pick up a flyer for this on New Year’s Day when we went to the ‘Gas Light Grill‘ in Portsmouth for dinner. Looked interesting though we are not beer drinkers. It is said to be an event to raise funds to end childhood hunger in America. That always gets me interested. That we have childhood hunger in the U.S. just confounds me to distraction. This is supposedly the richest country in the world. Just does not seem right. Not sure what the situation is like today, BUT when I was growing up in Ceylon in the 1950s and 1960s we did NOT have childhood hunger. Everybody, irrespective of wealth, income, age, sex, color, religion, got free rations! Yes, there would be an outcry here that that was socialism. Our politicians, justifiably, were very proud of it. Yes, we had free health care and education too. That is another story.

Not sure whether we will go. It is at the Brewery, but kids are allowed. Beer has no appeal to me. I am a wine drinker. It is kind of sad, but I don’t even know how $5 for a beer compares because I cannot remember the last time I ordered a beer. I know I pay, being cheap, between $6 and $9 for a glass of wine. So, I guess $5 for a beer must be ‘OK’.

Pretty irked at the 25.4% fee for online tickets. That is a rip-off.

I bought tickets for the Loudon, NH Speedway Christmas Lights: ‘Gift Of Lights’ online. No service charge. They actually gave you a $2 discount! Printed the tickets, with bar code, at home. That is THE way to do it. So, I am a but miffed about that.

It is 3 weekends away. The Thursday before I have my dreaded inquisition with my cardiologist (though he is very nice). As ever I will get told off for all that is wrong with me, though much of it is genetic since both sides of my family have it. So, I might not be in the mood to go out to eat. IF I get a reprieve, I might think about it. It could be fun. There is supposed to be two bands, neither of whom I have heard of. I will keep you posted.

The parent ‘Share Our Strength’ Web site. Can’t find this event on it! Seems strange. They are advertising a February 6, 2013 event in Portsmouth instead.