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‘Intuit’ ‘TurboTax’ ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed Refund Policy’ Is A Joke, A Scam — Totally & Utterly Sleazy.

by Anura Guruge

I will NEVER, EVER have anything to do with Intuit TurboTax again. Wow. I am in shock.

I bought the CD/Download “TuboTax DELUXE” for $120. I downloaded. Went to install it. It would NOT install since I run Windows 7. TurboTax requires Windows 10. I do NOT have a Windows 10 machine.

I thought getting a refund, giving the circumstances would be easy. A piece of cake. WOW. Not so. Took me over 2-hours just to reach a person. They could NOT do anything over the phone. Well, READ the image at the top. 5 to 7 business days JUST to review the request. Then UP TO 6-weeks to make the REFUND.

6 FRIGGING WEEKS! To refund $120 that they got from me.

That is NOT right. That is WRONG.

I never would have thought that Intuit was that scammy!




I am going with H&R Block. They couldn’t be any worse. Yes, their software doesn’t run on Windows 7 either. So, I will have to use the ONLINE version. Not happy.

As regular readers of this block know, I am a HUGE & long time fan & supporter of the IRS ‘Free Fillable Forms‘. I have been doing my own taxes, without ‘tax software’ for at least the last 7-years. I can do it again, all on my own, without ‘TurboTax’ (equivalent), this year too. But, I could do with some CALCULATION help NEXT YEAR (i.e., 2021 taxes). Due to some ‘exceptional’ Capital Gains, that I could not really delay for any longer, I will have to do some major calculations next year. Yes, I could do it by hand — & I probably will. But, it would be nice to have software on hand to check my calculations — rather than getting a letter from the IRS that I screwed up. Every time I get a letter from the IRS I am sure I lose 10-years of life expectancy — hence why I am already living on borrowed time.

Well, I like to plan ahead. Belts & braces. I don’t want to jump straight into using tax software in 2022 without ANY experience of how it works. Next year’s taxes are going to be complicated enough without having to contend with new software.

So, I was going to do a TRIAL RUN this year. Try & get familiar with the software.

Well Intuit SCREWED ME. Not happy.

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by Anura Guruge

Google Footnote For ‘Memorial Day’ 2015 As Opposed To Google Doodle.

eurovision2015gdAnura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail.
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by Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE.
Just invoke Google Search in the U.S. to see it live.

Google has NEVER done a Google Doodle for Memorial Day!

I guess it has to do with some kind of policy that they eschew anything associated with war and conflict.
I can understand and appreciate that to an extent.
But, I think Memorial Day transcends war though by definition it is holiday honoring U.S. war dead in all conflicts.

Google, however, does Google Doodles for Veteran’s Day
the difference being that that is a day to honor all those that have served (or are serving) with no connection to war.


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eBay Not Honest — Actually Duplicitous — About Sellers Selling Cars OUTSIDE Of eBay.

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE and read. Use this link to access original: http://pages.ebay.com/help/policies/rfe-spam-non-ebay-sale.html

Click to ENLARGE. This was the original eBay listing. NO. I didn’t even pay CLOSE to what was beiing asked. SMILE.

I had questions as to the condition of the car. Said very CLEARLY … Call and ask for ‘Dave’. I did. He answered at once.

Though I saw it (and followed it for sometime) on eBay I did NOT end up buying our Jaguar XJ8 via eBay.

Dave Gitman, who I called up to inquire about shipping options etc., was adamant that we should complete the deal, on the phone, on the spot, outside of eBay.

I, as a 13 year veteran of eBay & an eBay shareholder, KNEW what we were BOTH doing.

I wanted the car and I wasn’t that concerned about getting eBay’s buyer’s protection on this car. I was NOT going to buy the car sight unseen and all that I was risking was a $500 ‘deposit’.

But, buying an item OUTSIDE of eBay bothers me for 3 reasons.

I have no issues with this car, with Dave Gitman nor European-Cars. I am happy with this car. IF there are issues with it, and I do KNOW it is a 13 year old car with 58K miles on it, I will get it fixed. So this has NOTHING to do with sour grapes, buyer’s remorse or any dissatisfaction with the car.

My 3 concerns are:

1. Why does eBay claim to have a STRICT policy about selling outside of eBay and then let folks ignore it with impunity?

2. As a shareholder it bothers me that eBay is losing revenue (though IRONICALLY, despite the $9K value of the transaction, all that eBay would have lost is $50!)

3. Less savvy buyers are losing out on eBay’s ‘protection’, however, small it may be.

I spoke to Dave, when we met, about him selling OUTSIDE of eBay. He claimed that eBay was aware of what he does and that eBay does NOT CARE. He spends $13K to $14K a month on listings and eBay is happy with just that …

He likes to sell outside of eBay to avoid the eBay FEEDBACK ‘hassle’ and I, as a seller, can empathize.

But, it bothers me — mainly as a shareholder.

Last night I called eBay and had a 40 minute, somewhat animated, ‘chat’ with a representative.

He really couldn’t understand what my concern was. Kept on saying “if you are happy with the car WHY are you bothering ‘me’?”. I kept on explaining that my concern was as a shareholder. This morning I called and left a message with eBay investor relations.

Yes, I am an ol’ pedant. I will readily admit to it.

I do NOT like duplicity. To me eBay is being duplicitous.

I do NOT blame Dave Gitman. I kind of like Dave. He is ‘OK’. He reminds me of me. IF he can get away with it, I don’t blame him for trying to sell outside eBay. Yes, I know that eBay makes a lot of money from him.

But I had to bring this up.

Why did I buy it — outside of eBay. Because I wanted THIS car. I was NOT going to run the risk of losing it. No excuses.

U.S. Cellular 4G LTE Data: Contrary To Map No Service At Our House. Am I Livid?


Anura Guruge

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So this is the map.

To be fair the U.S. Cellular sale rep. did stress that we were on the edge.

Well, the map is WRONG.

Definitely no 4G at this house.

This is a tall house, all 4 stories and my ‘office’ is in the finished attic.

To start with I couldn’t even get 3G! I had to put it up on a bookshelf, 5′ off the floor. Then I got 3G.

Speed test shows 0.2 Mbps download and 0.1 Mbps. So that is 200 Kbps! Dial-up speeds from the 1990s.

Yes, it load Web pages. But, we can’t survive with that.

Did the same speedtest with out TDS fiber. 15 Mbps. 75x times faster.

I called U.S. Cellular and had also e-mailed the sales rep. last night. Telling me I have 15 days to return — no questions asked. Going to do that.

U.S. Cellular, of late (last 2 years), treats me with kid gloves.

I have been with them for over 14 years. Close to 15. I am not on contract. So, I can switch my cell phones whenever I want.

So they try and be nice to me — though, in general, U.S. Cellular is nice, helpful and good.

Alton Central School (ACS) Administration Should Do A Bit More Homework

My wife was involved in this Facebook dialogue on the ACS Facebook page earlier this week. Her question was based on this little snippet that appeared in the local Baysider Newspaper last Thursday, February 23, 2012.

Click image to access the Baysider online ... it is on page 12.

Homework has been an issue at ACS and we were delighted to see that the Administration was at long last is trying to implement a policy. See related posts: homeschooling decision and ‘questionable’ (I am trying to be polite) homework.

I was immediately struck that something, crucial, seemed to be missing. Every time I read it there was something palpably jarring. Then I realized what it was: there was no ‘time period’ specified for the ’10 minutes per grade’! Was its ‘per night’, ‘per 5-day week’, ‘per 7-day week’ etc. Don’t tell me that it was obvious. Definitely not obvious to us for one very simple reason. We had a 5th grader at ACS, who had been there for 4 years.

5th grade = 50 minutes.

4th grade = 40 minutes.

We can’t remember her ever having 40 minutes of homework a day last year — in 4th grade. 40 minutes a week was more like it.

Definitely NEVER even close to 50 minutes of homework a night in 5th grade. Lucky if she got 10 minutes. 5th grade science and math were particularly bad. No homework — the teachers are off the hook for having to mark anything (let alone having to justify the ‘applicability’ of the homework).

So here is the Facebook dialogue. It is kind of funny in a sad way. Well, given their recent lack of diligence (and again I will be polite and not mention the very public faux pas though I think there is a post about it on this blog) you would think they would have read, re-read and then asked a few others to read their homework policy before presenting it ‘half cock’. But, that is just my opinion.

Click to ENLARGE.