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What Has Happened To Politeness And Basic Manners?


Anura Guruge

I received this e-mail this morning from a total stranger:


Notice, that there is no ‘please’ nor is it a polite request.

Just an imperious, presumptuous summons. He probably thinks that just because he is a bloody ‘Dr.’ and I am ‘non-white’ he can talk to me like I am his house boy.

Well, I was cute. I replied, politely, that: ‘Yes, thank you. I had one‘. You can see that in this 2nd e-mail got from this idiot.


I very rarely swear, verbally or in writing. But, I am a extremely proficient and effective user of swear words. I can swear like you have never heard. I let this guy have it with both barrels. Yes, I have been crazy busy. At the best of times I hate rudeness. He caught me at a bad time.

I went further. I found the contact information for the Vice-Chancellor of this University and wrote to him!

Department of Psychology … my foot. He needs to attend pre-school and learn how to say: ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

Yes, I feel better now.