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“More Than Frybread” (2011) Movie On Amazon Prime — Cruel, INSULTING Satire; Made Me Sad & MAD.

by Anura Guruge

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Because diabetes in endemic among the Native Indians in Arizona; with at least 20% of my beloved Navajo suffering from diabetes — with another 75,000 (minimum) suspected of being pre-diabetic.

Frybread & diabetes.

To make it worse, there is a segment, early on, when one of the contestants berates two of her coworkers for having an unhealthy lunch & reminds them of THEIR diabetes! Irony. Her doing the shouting — & her doing the frybread cooking — is borderline obese, if NOT outright obese. She probably has diabetes too.

Made me so SAD.

These POOR people.

They lack education, insight, MONEY & resources to understand & control DIABETES. I know. I have spoken to Navajo about it. I have bought them fruit.

It is a HUGE problem & FRYBREAD does NOT help.

That is what makes me so MAD. The last thing these good, decent people need is Frybread.

So, SAD.

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by Anura Guruge


Using Mouthwash Putting Us In Danger Of Diabetes?

by Anura Guruge

Click image to access original from “Medical News Today”. Google for more coverage.

I happened to see a snippet on this in the June 2018 issue of “The Reader’s Digest” in their compulsory section on “Health News”.

I was shocked and disappointed.

I am a great believer and practitioner of mouth washing though I probably could get away with not doing so because I have good teeth & gums. Until I read this in the RD, I would wash my mouth at least 4 times a day! Yes, at least 4 times. Twice in the morning, and twice at night — at a minimum; first with hydrogen peroxide and then with a commercial, alcohol-based mouthwash. I haven’t used mouthwash in the last week. It bothers me — mainly because I am so used to it.

Not sure whether this is true? Do YOU know? I need to find out.

This might have been why I am constantly told I am pre-diabetic.

Well, now you know. You can decide if you want to continue using mouthwash.

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by Anura Guruge

Say “YES” To Most Anything BUT Carbs — Carbs Kill.

by Anura Guruge

From the U.K. “Daily Mail“, August 23, 2016.


Cutting back on carbs 3.5 years ago was THE BEST thing I ever did for myself — in all of my life.

Not only did I lose 28 – 30 pounds BUT I made dramatic improvements on the ‘blood sugar’ (i.e., glucose) and cholesterol fronts.

Yes, I cut back on carbs because I had hit the ‘pre-diabetic’ limit. I managed, just via diet and exercise, to bring down my glucose from 102 to 90. I am happy.

PLEASE do not believe this rubbish. Carbs will kill you — faster than what you deserve.


Click to ENLARGE and study. Just low-carbs and exercise. Don’t YOU think it is worth it?

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by Anura Guruge

The Saga Of My Digital Bathroom Scales — I Get A Rather Nifty ‘BalanceFrom’ Scales From Amazon With No Bells & Whistles.


Anura Guruge

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Nice big display and I like what it reads, 168.4 lb. That is below my target 169.

When my much prized Ozeri packed up last Friday (and I could not get hold of their Customer Support by telephone) I had little choice but to get another scale since i have to keep track of my weight — now that I am diagnosed pre-diabetic.

I decided that I did not need automatic BMI calculations — now that I know that my BMI is way below 25, plus I know how to manually calculate BMI. So decided to just get a ‘good’, reasonably priced digital scale with no features — other than giving me a readout of my weight.

Deanna found some for me but she was looking in the $40 mark. I did a quick perusal and saw this ‘BalanceFrom‘, reduced from $59.95 to $49.95 to $25 with FREE SHIPPING. It also had 990 decent reviews. I ordered it on Saturday, June 1 and got it on Tuesday, June 4! That is pretty damn good. Thanks.

I like the scales. The box was a work of art. The scales are simple but elegant with a nice large readout. I, so far, like what it says. I weighed myself before and after my run and there was a drop in weight. So, so far, so good.

On Sunday, no less, the day after I had placed the order for the new scales I get an e-mail from a very nice lady at Ozeri! She had seen my post (no doubt through a Twitter monitoring APP, given that WordPress automatically tweets all my posts).

She was very nice and wanted to send me a replacement Ozeri. I acquiesced because I did like my Ozeri. So I am supposed to be getting a new Ozeri with a return label for the old, malfunctioning unit.

Deanna wanted to know what I was going to do with the order I had placed. Obviously I did nothing. I was not going to cancel the order or return the product. It is not Amazon’s fault that I am getting a replacement and I am very reluctant to return things unless they are no good.

So, if the Ozeri arrives we will be a proud, two digital scales family. We have decided that we will have his and her scales. It will be fun to see how the two compare in terms of readings. Interestingly I might give the Ozeri to Deanna. I don’t need the BMI stuff. So if they are roughly in the same ball park in terms of readings I will keep this ‘BalanceFrom’. Of course I will share my tale.