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Iowa Caucus Results — Disingenuousness By The Democratic Candidates.

by Anura Guruge

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Each and every campaign that was involved in the Iowa caucus yesterday KNOWS what the results are. They are just playing cute and not letting on.

How did they know?

Because they had multiple campaign workers at each and every precinct — with a Campaign ‘Captain’ at each precinct to direct the operations.

Come 10pm (or whatever), last night, each Campaign Captain knew the results and counts for their precinct.

Yes, there are over 1,600 precincts in Iowa. But, that is just arithmetic.

Each Campaign Captain would have called in his/her numbers, for their precinct, to the campaign HQ. Then, it is just a case of adding them all up. Each campaign would have the numbers for the entire precinct. So, they each would have the total number.

So, if nothing else each campaign already knows all the numbers. But they choose not to divulge. Just politics. Just crazy.

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by Anura Guruge