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I Am In Love With Citi Credit Card “Price Rewind”.

by Anura Guruge


Click to check out this LOVELY feature at Citi.

To be fair I have YET to receive a cent back from Citi ‘Price Refund’ BUT they tell me that I might be in line for a $70 refund! Wow. I am in love. Not going to tell you what I am due that refund for … but IF you are a regular reader of this blog you know what I spend the money that I do not have on. No, it is (no longer) on women and booze.

Not putting ANY big purchases on my Amazon card ever AGAIN! Not good news for Amazon and actually also for I since I own a fair number of Amazon shares!

When I was shopping around for Credit Cards in January, when I decided that I had had it with ‘Bank of America‘ and the 3 cards I had from them (one going back (via MBNA) to 1986), I saw the ‘Price Rewind’ on Citi. That was a consideration. Deanna and I had both had Citi Credit Cards before and I was getting (at least) 3 invitations a week to get a card. In the end I ended up getting TWO Citi cards — a SIMPLICITY and an AAdavantage.

That they do not give you REWARDS in cash is a slight frustration BUT I have a Fidelity card that does.

But I love this “Price Rewind”. Can’t stop smiling. SMILE.

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by Anura Guruge