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Fujifilm X-E2s — Must Have Accessories.

by Anura Guruge

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Taken with my Lenovo Android pad.


My accessorized Fuji X-E2s with handgrip, thumb grip, raised shutter release and wrist straps.

Got a genuine Fuji MHG-XE Hand Grip for 1/2-price from eBay!


Click to ENLARGE. My eBay purchase at bottom.

The other accessories — not counting two wrist straps.


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My cameras, as you must be able to tell from my “6 Images A Day” posts get used daily. So it is important to me that they feel right in my hand — and I spend a lot of time (if not money) making sure that I get them setup the way I want them to feel.

On my new Fuji X-E2s the standard grip, at the front, was just way too small — especially since I invariably hand carry all my cameras, dangling off one or more wrist straps. I had read on multiple reviews that the Fuji provided MHG-XE grip was a must. Why Fuji doesn’t include this as standard obviously all has to do with profits. The $101.53 on Amazon seemed too steep. So I checked e-bay. Found one for $65 that said “Make An Offer”. I started at $45 and settled at $50 (with free shipping). Claimed it had some cosmetic blemishes and was missing the Allen wrench. That didn’t bother me. I don’t mind if my camera looks like it gets used and I have plenty of Allens. When it arrived, within 2 days, it was PERFECT. So that was a nice bonus.

That the grip has a built-in ‘Arca Swiss Plate‘ tripod/monopod mount was another deciding factor. This is great. I don’t have to worry about carrying a mounting plate and screwing it on. Just remove my wrist grip and I am ready to go. I like the hand grip. All as promised. Full access to battery and SD card without having to remove the grip and the mount works brilliantly. So delighted with my $50 grip.

I had also heard good things about the ‘Gadget Place‘ thumb grip and I knew it would come in handy since as I said I hand carry my camera. So the thumb grip is another place for me to hold onto the camera even when I am not using it. Given the built-in flash I don’t have much of a need for the hotshoe. So that is not a factor. The thumb grip is good.

I was NOT going to get the shutter release button. Seemed like an affectation but after 24 hours I decided that it would be nice if the shutter button was higher up. Works. Makes it easier to use and Devanee likes it. So that is all good.

The ACMAXX 3.0″ Hard LCD Armor Protector is all that it is cracked up to be (if you get my drift). Piece of cake to apply and cleans up easy enough. I like it.

Using a comfy leather DSLRKIT Split Leather Wrist/Hand Strap Grip that I already had at home in case I needed one! Ditto with the wrist strap. I have a few spare at any given time!

Using B+W UV lenses as is my wont. Wasabi batteries, again as is my wont — though one was bad and had to be replaced! going to try some “DOT-1” batteries — though I haven’t got them yet. 

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by Anura Guruge

Panasonic Lumix LX100: Fotasy Auto Lens Cap & Other Must Have Accessories.

by Anura Guruge

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Taken with my Panasonic Lumix FZ1000.


Click to access Amazon product page for this quite amazing Auto Lens Cap.

I had read about this Auto Lens Cap for the Panasonic Lumix LX100. It appealed to because I do not like to tether lens caps to the camera. I find that distracting. As such I am always looking for my lens cap with cameras. I tried an auto lens cap with my starr-crossed Sony A77  but that did NOT work because there was vignetting at full zoom. NO such problems with the Fotsay. It works brilliantly. As you can see from my pictures the lens opening is well ahead of the lens cover ‘petals’. Yes, it came with a matching silver UV filter. I did NOT use that (though I might reconsider that). I have been using B+W UV lenses and bought one of those. Couldn’t find a 43mm in silver. Hence the contrasting black.

One thing that I have noticed. The lens cap has made 3 drag marks on the B+W lens — highlighted by the black. No biggie. No damage is being done to the real optics.

Notice I do not use the neck strap. I am into wrist straps. On this (heavy) compact I use 2: Prost Leather Hand Grip Strap & a really cool (and it is ‘cool’ to the touch) and comfy leather DSLRKIT Split Leather Wrist/Hand Strap Grip. I slip the Split Leather strap over my wrist and then put my hand in the Prost Grip. Also notice the black connector on the other side. That clips onto a shoulder strap I might sometimes wear. Funnily enough I sometimes grip that connector, for added support. Works well.

As is my practice I also got 2 Wasabi batteries and a charger for this camera. That way I can always have a charger in my camera bag and one, permanently plugged in, at my rather busy and crowded ‘charging station’ (for multiple cameras, multiple Android pads and cell phones). I have had decent luck with Wasabi batteries. I have 4 all together across the two Panasonics.

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by Anura Guruge