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Sales Of Propecia, Trump’s Anti-Baldness Drug, Will Go Through The Roof — Buy MRK Shares.

by Anura Guruge

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Shares of ‘Propecia’ maker Merck & Co. (MRK). From ‘marketwatch.com’ — where else?

Wow! Best plug Merck (MRK) has had in years. Will do wonders for the sales of PropeciaErectile Dysfunction (ED) or no dysfunction.

This will be great for shares of MRK.

MRK shares, as you can see from the graph above, have already taken off. But, at ~$62 you should definitely get some.

I was curious as to why my doctors had put me on Cardura for prostate health rather than Propecia — given that I need all the help I can get when it comes to retaining the little hair I have. Now, I know. My doctors have always known what is important to me. Hair or ED? I don’t think that there is even a choice.

But, buy MRK. You will thank me. Don’t take Propecia. You will thank me.

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by Anura Guruge

If Avoiding Kidney Stones Really Was This Easy — I Should Be All Set (But I Doubt It).


From THE book. Click to ENLARGE and read.

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by Anura Guruge

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This is the link for the original in the “Medical Daily”.


Wow, I would LOVE to believe this. Just seems too simple BUT then again I have always maintained that daily orgasms are so beneficial to your health and psyche. We no, for a fact, that it reduces prostate illness. Well, if this is even halfway true I should be all set. SMILE. Come on give it a try. It is NOT going to kill you and worst case, just put a smile on your face.

I Had NO Idea That 325mg Aspirin Could Kill Me!

325mgasprin.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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Wow. I had always thought of Aspirin as MY FRIEND. Something that was good for my heart. I was told, way back in 1987, to take an aspirin a day for my heart health. And I did, religiously — along with my glass (or two) of red wine, also, of course, just for my heart health.

I like Aspirin. It was, until last Wednesday, July 29, 2015, my favorite pain medication. I wasn’t into this new fangled Tylenol, Advil, Relieve etc. and I have stayed away from prescription pain medication EVEN when it has been prescribed to me. About 5 years ago, kicking and screaming, I was taken, by the wife, in collusion with my then cardiologist, to the ER because I was having chest pain, just above my heart — and my blood pressure was going up (because I had been in pain for some time). They checked me out. Did the blood test for the marker hormones. Nothing. Did the EKGs. Nothing. Then they sent me to have a chest X-ray and they put a little metal dot on my chest where the pain was. The X-ray was focused on that. While I am still standing there, chest to plate, in the X-ray room, the technician calls out over the Intercom: “you have a broken rib just where you are feeling the pain”.

81mg asprinWell, 3 weeks earlier, before Christmas, I had slipped and fallen — on my shovel handle — while I was shovelling snow. It hurt BUT it never occurred to me that I had broken anything. My record with broken bones is kind of notorious. Years ago, after a doctor, on a whim, had both my hands X-rayed, they found that I had broken my ALL my knuckles, multiple times. But I can’t even remember breaking them ONCE. The doctor just shook his head. That I once played rugby for 35 minutes with a broken bone in my hand and then forgot to go the hospital, as I had been instructed to do, for 4 hours is also part of my legacy.

Well, when I was wheeled back into ER the doctor and the male nurse both wanted to know WHY I didn’t realize I had a broken rib — for 3 weeks. I had no explanation. Then they asked me what I took for my pain. I said Aspirin. They looked at me strange — and people do that often. Aspirin? Yes. What strength? I don’t know. The stuff that is in a standard bottle. Hhmmm. How many? I don’t know. Maybe two every 4 to 5 hours. They gave me a bottle of Vicodin. I did NOT see the point in taking that 3 weeks in. So I kept it. Came in handy when I needed to sedate one of my goldens so it would not gnaw at a ‘hot spot’. One Vicodin and he was in ‘la-la’ land for hours. Did the trick. Best use of Vicodin ever.

Anywho …

I was taking two (2) 325mg Aspirins a day — most days. I thought it was good for me. If one was good, two has to be better … right? Sometimes I might take more. Two in the morning, two at night. 325mg Aspirin was also my preferred fever reducer.

Now my new doctor, another Indian, tells me that taking all that Aspirin was killing me!

I can’t win.

Told me to throw away my nearly full bottle of 325mg Aspirins. Killed me. They were my friends. I had to buy a bottle of 81mg Aspirin. Baby ones. Only one a day.

I don’t believe and trust all this medical mumbo-jumbo. Remember these were the same folks who SWORE that PSAs were 100% spot-on in detecting prostate cancer. All that did was make them money so that they could go shoot lions.

Orgasm A Day Reduces Prostate Cancer Risk — Study CONFIRMS Something I Have Known For 17 Years.

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by Anura Guruge

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Anura Guruge orgasms prostate cancer risk

My post, HERE, on May 29, 2013 — 2 years ago. Click to ENLARGE and read here. Use link below or image at top to access that May 29, 2013 post.

Click here to access my May 29, 2013 post.

Click to ENLARGE and read snippet from the U.K. “Daily Mail”, my favorite news source, here. Use link below to access full original.

Click here to access May 19, 2015 “Daily Mail” article.

As my May 29, 2013 posts amply testifies I knew that daily orgasms, MORE the better, reduce the risk of prostate cancer since around 1998. I lucked out, during that period, with some doctors. A urologist at that time said that I should make my prostate available for analysis when I die. DONE. I, as some of you know, am leaving my whole body to medicine. I have no use of it.

The rationale here is not hard to understand. The prostate is a muscle after all. The only way to exercise it is to flex it, like your abs, by contracting and letting go. Orgasms are the only way to do that.

Daily orgasms are so beneficial, to both sexes, in so many different ways. That they, in men, reduce the risk of cancer is a bonus. If nothing else ‘an orgasm a day’ makes you happy and puts a smile on your face. IF you have enough you would grin like I do. GRIN.

I do talk about the various advantages of orgasms, in both genders, in my “Orgasms: 101 Facts & Trivia” book. You really should check it out too — and you can do so for FREE. How can you beat that?

I Would Have Done This ‘Orgasms’ Presentation At UNH For FREE And Made It More Relevant And Helpful As Well.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.
Anura Guruge

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Click to access yesterday's 'Union Leader' article.

Click to access yesterday’s ‘Union Leader’ article.

I bet she NEVER advocated that everybody has to shoot to average one orgasm for each day of their life by the time they are 45 and then be able to maintain that well into their 60s and beyond.

FOR MEN, this ‘O a-day‘ batting-average is the BEST prevention against prostate woes. For women, it ensures that they have a Mona Lisa type smile on their face.

The math is simple. I am 60 years, 1 month and 5 days old as I write this. That is 21,950 days that I have been on this earth. So, per my, ‘O a-day’ mantra, I need to have had 21,950 orgasms by now. Piece of cake. I am way, way, way over. Last time somebody actually worked it out, which was about 12 years ago, I was already past 40,000. We don’t even have to get into what has transpired since …

I bet that this women cannot in any way or shape match me when it comes to experience with orgasms. It is a kind of religion with me. I had even once contemplated starting a church to help Catholic women with their orgasms. I guess that is how I ended up becoming  a papal historian.

IF I was talking to these College kids I would have impressed upon them that they need to start banking up their orgasms. This is the time that they need to be racking up at least 5 a day.

This women made too light of the matter and stressed the use of toys! Heresy. Orgasms are the most serious things in your life and it is not something to be toyed with. Don’t complicate it. Just learn to enjoy them. Screw the toys. Why do you think we evolved fingers?

Well, I am bummed. They should have asked me. It is not if I haven’t got experience standing up and talking to students or adults.

Anyway, let me take this opportunity again to stress to all: you have to average one ‘O’ per each day of your life by the time you turn 45.

The arithmetic is pretty simple. So go for it. ENJOY. Have a smile on your face. Why do YOU think that I am noted for grinning.

IF You Are Concerned About Your Prostate Health Forget The TV Ads., Talk To A Doctor About A Prescription For Cardura (Doxazosin).



..by Anura Guruge

Click for more info. or just do a search on 'Cardura'.

Click for more info. or just do a search on ‘Cardura’.

I have been meaning to write about this for months. Everytime I see those prostate ads on TV featuring ex-football players I cringe; for them and for those that might listen to their pitch.

Until I hit 45 I really did not know anything about prostates. I had heard a neighbor talk about it but I had not paid much attention. Up until that time I had never heard of anybody with prostate cancer or prostate enlargement etc. Remember, I do lead a sheltered life. Much has changed since. I now know a bunch of folks that have had their prostates removed and all of them regret it. I did a lot of digging around c. 1998 and learnt a lot. In the last 18 months, as some of you know, there has been lots of reports about the need for PSA testing and the earlier craze for having your prostate whipped out at the slightest sign of cancer. Way back I had decided and told anybody that would listen that I would NEVER have my prostate taken out even if I was diagnosed with severe prostate cancer. From what I could see the radioactive pellets, which in those days (due to limited test results), were only rated to work for 8 years, seemed a much more palatable solution. Now when I talk to folks that did have their prostates removed they typically concur that in hindsight they would have preferred the radiation approach.

I also found this out and it has been confirmed to me by multiple doctors including two urologist. There is nothing (as yet) that can stop a man from getting prostate cancer. As with all other muscles in our body, and the prostate (like the heart) is a muscle, the only thing that seems to help is exercise. And there is one and only one way to exercise your prostate — and trust me, it sure beats jogging! An “O” a day, my oft stated mantra for life, is the best thing you can do for your prostate — with an “O” day basically translating to a lifetime ‘batting average’ of 1 a day. So if you are a man of 50, you better make sure that you have exercised your prostate at least 18,250 times. If you are 60, like me (in a few months), you have to be at 21,900. With luck you should have been able to wrack up 95% of those numbers just in a decade in your youth! If you haven’t you better get cracking.

Cardura has nothing to do with prostate cancer. Cardura is all about SLOWING DOWN the rate of prostate enlargement — the pressing problem they scream at you on those TV ads. Cardura can be taken as a preventive and now that it is available as a generic it is INEXPENSIVE. From what I can see Cardura is a fraction of the costs of the stuff being plugged on the TV.

Cardura is only available by prescription.

1998 was pivotal year for me health wise. I was working and travelling like a crazy man — that being the height of the dot.com era. All that travel and very long work days did take a toll. I was lucky that I met two great doctors that year. Both were young, one an Indian. They were both BIG into preventive medicine. One, the Indian, a great cardiologist, put me on Lipitor and some high blood pressure medication. The other a urologist put me on Cardura (which also helps with blood pressure). I was too busy those days to even check on this stuff. I just took all these pills every night, without question.

About 7 years later I was getting my prescriptions filled at Walmart in Gilford (NH). They had a really nice pharmacist who I had got to know quite well (because we were frequent customers). As I am paying for the Cardura I happened to say something along the lines of: “I don’t even know why I am taking this …“. His reaction on hearing this was quite amazing. He got visibly ‘agitated’. He went onto tell me that Cardura is one of the few miracle drugs on the market! I didn’t know that. He gave me a long spiel about how effective it was and how research continually validated its effectiveness in slowing down prostate enlargement. What amazed me the most was how passionate he had become about this drug. That was good enough for me. I have never question Cardura again. I take it, I think 4mg, every night.

So, I am just passing this on. It just kills me when I see those TV ads because I worry that they are misleading folks.