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NH Highland Games 2013 At Loon: We Have Decided, Per Last Year’s Promise, To Boycott It. So It Was 14 & Out …

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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That they managed to alienate us was pretty remarkable. We loved the games. I had been to 14 games starting back in 1998. We only missed one, 2005, and that was one in Hopkinton when we just couldn’t take the grubbiness of that venue. So this is a big step for us and one that we didn’t take lightly. Kind of sad all around. I marked my year in terms of the games. There was a time I used to go for all three days.

But the decline in quality pipe bands, especially the paucity of bands from the mother country, and the monotony of the performance repertoire just got to us last year. Just started to feel exploited. Yes, I think the $5.75 sausage roll was the final straw that broke my will. I look forward to my sausage rolls. Always have. Usually have a couple or maybe even more. But, I was not paying $5.75 per roll — on principle.

Yes, they have an exciting new group this year: The American Rogues. They sound good. But, to be fair they are just another ‘Seven Nations‘ imitation and we already have Hadrian’s Wall, Red Hot Chili Pipers, Prydein etc. etc. I am not going to spend close to $100 to just see one new band!

Click to watch YouTube video.

Click to watch YouTube video.

So we are going to stay home this year and do something else. Yes, I will have withdrawal pangs. The games were so much a part of my psyche. But life will go on. There is the Sandwich Fair and the Pumpkin Festival — both much, much more punter friendly than the increasingly aloof and arrogant games. I will miss my Brigadoons! I will miss saying ‘Hi’ to Denis Carr