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Sorry, I Do NOT Buy The Kim Kardashian Paris Robbery Story — I Think It Was A Cheap Publicity Stunt!

by Anura Guruge


From CNN. Click image to access CNN coverage. Google for millions more.

Sorry, as some of you know I am a professional cynic.

I only know of ‘her’ vicariously. Wouldn’t know her if I woke up next to her — though I am sure it would give me quite the start.

All I know is that she is synonymous with ‘cheap publicity’. Is she Paris Hilton reincarnated? I wouldn’t know.

Remember, remember Ryan Lochte? Yes?

Wow. This was a lot of publicity. Now, if I was ‘Drumpf’ I would start talking about how insurance … etc. But, I won’t.

I just believe that this was a put-up job. A publicity stunt.

Just remember where you read this first. {SMILE} Trust me, it is NOT easy being a professional cynic.

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by Anura Guruge