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New Year Resolution For 2014 — Ditto As 2013, Not For I, But For YOU. Befriend YOUR Brain And Life Will Be Good.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

Do yourself a huge favor. Click, read and heed.

Do yourself a huge favor. Click, read and heed.

P1060794I really don’t bother with New Year’s resolutions — anymore. I am too far gone to fix at this old age.

I did, for the first time in years, make one though! I am going to, yet again, personally feed birds (no, no, no … the feathered variety). I already started. Bought some birdseed at Lowe’s yesterday. To Teischan’s delight we already have quite a few birds. I used to feed birds, squirrels and chipmunks (and we will not talk about me putting honey out for bears). Kind of got out of the habit. But, I miss having LOTS of birds around. So that is my 2014 New Year resolution.

I think I did OK in 2013. I lost 30 pounds without trying and published 9 books. Of course, I could have done better and I feel that I failed BECAUSE I missed publishing 10! I am 82% done on the next book. I could have tried to get it done but I gave up. I, think, I also had 400,000(+) hits on my 4 main blogs this year. But, above all, I was happy, invariably had a grin on my face and enjoyed every day of the year. Thank you, brain. You are a good friend.

But, IF you didn’t befriend YOUR brain last year,
do it this year.
Life will never be the same again for YOU.


Life is so much better when your brain is on your side.

I will confess that I din’t pay as much attention to my brain in 2013 as I normally do. I was aware of that. Yes, there was some complacency, but my brain knew that. It was a kind of truce. We have been friends for so long that it cuts me slack on occasion — and 2013 was one of those. It knew I was busy. Funny that. It knows everything about me. Yes, I worked it overtime in 2013. But, we are OK.

Now it is YOUR turn. Screw Facebook (though I am Facebook shareholder, but not a subscriber). Talk to your brain. Ask your brain how it is doing?

Happy New Year.

Enjoy Having Your Brain As A Friend — Your Best Friend.