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COVID-19 Specific Post For The ‘Atoll’ iSUP Blog — That I Co-Wrote With Atoll’s Own Wiley Wise.

by Anura Guruge

Click image to access the Atoll blog with this COVID-19 post.

Click to ENLARGE. The first 3 paras. You might relate. SMILE.

This is my 3rd or 4th post on this blog. As some of you know I became a very proud & satisfied Atoll iSUP owner and paddler last year.

I, as is often the case, LUCKED out in getting to know ‘Wiley Wise‘, the co-founder of Atoll. He invited me to write some posts along with him. It has been fun.

This post is worth reading.

iSUP paddle boarding is a sure way to beat the quarantine blues and stay/get FIT at the same time.

Think about it.

Fresh air. The gentle lap of the water. Tranquility. Serenity. You can’t beat it. Beats running.

Read it. I elaborate. No point going over all of it again. SMILE. Thanks.

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by Anura Guruge

‘Atoll’ Publishes An Article By I, On Their Blog, On Using An Electric Pump To Inflate My iSUP.

by Anura Guruge

Click image to access my article, with pictures of me using the pump, on the ‘Atoll Board’ blog.

I am always game to write about products or things I like, I use with relish or I care about. This electric pump, for my 11′ Atoll iSUP definitely fell into that category. It made using the iSUP that much easier and faster. I can’t imagine inflating my iSUP without this pump. So, I wanted to make sure others heard about my v. positive experience and how I felt.

Luckily the (very friendly) Atoll team were more than happy to indulge I. So, here it is. Yes, there are pictures on this blog of me using the pump. But, now you can see them in a different setting. Enjoy. SMILE.

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by Anura Guruge

Had A New ’32’-Gallon Water Pressure Tank Installed By “Gilford Well Company”, Gilford [N.H.].

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

To the two known tautologies of life, viz., ‘you will die‘ & ‘you will pay taxes‘, you can safely add ‘you will have to replace your water pressure tank‘.

And that is what we had done today — thanks to the excellent folks at Gilford Well (see below).

I had been told earlier this year by another company that I will need a pressure tank ‘soon’. So, I knew it was on the cards. About a month ago I noticed that my water pressure was fluctuating, a short drop in pressure and then kicking back up to normal. I knew what it was. I know the physics of pressure tanks. The tank’s bladder (as opposed to mine) was leaking. [That proved to be the case when the old tank was removed. It was full of water ABOVE the bladder.] I also noticed yesterday that my water pump was coming on and going off, i.e., cycling, more frequently as it should.

I also know MY luck. If I didn’t get the tank replaced we would wake up Thanksgiving morning next week and have no water — and would be forced to pay x3 to get it fixed on Thanksgiving.

So, I called ‘Norm’, the owner, at Gilford Well yesterday and arranged to have the tank replaced today.

Joe who came to do the job was very competent. Did a very nice and neat job. No drama. No leaks. Very nice guy.

I was happy. Yes, it cost me an arm and a few toes. The price I was quoted was competitive.

I got a bigger tank than what I had — double (i.e., x2) the capacity. Again, I appreciate the physics. A larger tank reduces pump cycling. So, that was the logic.

So far, so good. BUT my luck! Nothing to say that I will still not wake up Thanksgiving and find that my water pump has blown. Yes, it is not much fun being I. SMILE.

But, for today, all was good. Thanks Norm. Thanks Joe. Thanks Gilford Well.

Click to ENLARGE.

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by Anura Guruge

“Gilford Well Company”, Gilford [N.H.]: Their Integrity Was Both Impressive & Humbling.

by Anura Guruge

Click to access their Website.

Click to ENLARGE. True class, and salt-of-the-earth.

As I chronicled here, we lost water on Wednesday morning and ‘Epping Well & Pump‘, to my sincere gratitude, got us up and running within a couple of hours — he problem having been a worn-out pressure switch. That was great. They, however, were quite adamant that I should replace my pressure tank, ASAP (then and there, if possible), for $1,250. I wanted a couple of days to think about it, especially as it had been an expensive and painful 6-weeks. First we needed a new boiler and then 4-days later I busted my knee and required expensive surgery.

I learnt a lot when we needed the boiler replaced. Chief among them was the benefit of talking to multiple folks and getting multiple perspectives, opinions and prices. And I am so glad that I did. We got the Biasi B10/5 boiler installed for nearly 1/2 the price of the first quite we got — and that was from the oil company I had used for 20-years and were supposedly my friends.

So, I decided to make a few calls. They were interesting and illuminating.

I called ‘Gilford Well‘ and, luckily, ended up speaking with Normal Harris III, though I did not know he was the President and co-owner at the time.

I asked him if he could please come over and give us some prices. He volunteered to come by the next morning. And he did.

Class act. I was impressed. Very forthright and helpful. I was blown away.

I had called upon the services of Gilford Well a long time ago — close to 20-years ago. This was when I lived in Gilford. I need a well drilled! It wasn’t a new house. It was a lakefront house that was getting water directly from the lake. There were issues with that and a well was the right way to proceed. Gilford Well got us up and running. But, being out in Alton I had not thought about calling them.

I am sure glad I did. Sure glad that I got to meet Norman. That was a pleasure and a honor.

Yes, I am sure I will be doing business with them — when I have a need. SMILE. Did you get that?

It is good to know that we still have companies such as ‘Gilford Well’ around.

Made my day. Thank YOU, Norman.

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by Anura Guruge

“Epping Well & Pump”, From Epping [N.H.], Did Us Real Proud This Morning. Thank You.

by Anura Guruge

Click image to access their Website.

I was rudely woken up this morning, at 6:30am (at least 2-hours ahead of when I normally decide to open an eye), with the news that we had an EMERGENCY. NO WATER!

Yikes. NO WATER.

And it wasn’t because we had lost power. That would have been easy. But, we had power, but NO WATER.

I lumberingly got up, pulled on pants and made it to our utility room. Checked the breakers and and switches. Even ‘messed’ with the pressure switch. Nothing. NADA.

Last February I had called “Epping Well & Pump” just so that I had a rapport with them for just this emergency.

Shortly after 7am I called — 603-679-5299 — and spoke with Mark, the ever-friendly and well-informed Service Manager. He pulled us up on the computer and we were of to the races. He promised to dispatch a crew within the hour.

90-minutes later (maybe a tad less) the truck was in the drive. To my amazement they did NOT immediately suspect a burnt-out pump. Instead they wanted to replace the pressure switch. with my luck of late I did not even want to hope for the best. I left them to it and came upstairs to drink my coffee and listen to the news.

Then we started hearing water. Wow. It was the switch. We didn’t need a pump — at least not today. That could change tomorrow.

I was elated.

That is SERVICE. I was grateful. Very grateful.

There are NOT cheap. Smile. But, when you don’t have water you are willing to pay a King’s ransom. But, it could always have been worse.

So, kudos and THANK YOU to Epping Well & Pump.

They want me to replace my pressure tank but that is another story and another day.

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by Anura Guruge

Jaguar V8 Is The Heart Of The 1,000 MPH, “Bloodhound”, British Supersonic Car.

DSC00772Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail.
. .
by Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE and ADMIRE the Jaguar logo on the side. The Cat prowls again.


Click to ENLARGE and read here. From link presented below. The Jaguar V8 is the HEART in that it is the PUMP.


Click to access article, many pictures and video by ‘engadget.com’

Jaguar power.

British pride.

Feels so good.

No namby-pamby, ‘we-have-to-lie‘ German technology here. This thing is not diesel powered.

ENJOY. Smile. Made my day.

A day in which I did something I very rarely do. I washed a car by hand.
It was, of course, a Jaguar.

NH’s Dean Kamen, The Inventor Of The Segway, Creates High-Tech Bulimia Aid For The Obese.


Anura Guruge

This is still early January, so this is NOT an April 1st joke.
This, alas, is real.

There is no question that Dean Kamen is very clever and a good person at heart. Yes, he has done much to encourage children to explore science and pursue invention. Knowing a bit about his career I also know that his early inventions, which were very successful and made him very rich, were all in the medical field — mainly to do with drug delivery into the body. He was working on a better wheel-chair when he stumbled upon the Segway idea. But, I think this device which enables people to overeat and then have the food sucked out is beyond the pale.

I struggle with my weight and have for most of my life. That said, I do have issues with those that are obese because they eat and drink too much and exercise little. This device, which is not meant as a medical device per se, just feeds into the gluttony. Yes, there will be those that love it. I can see them waddling into Chinese buffets with their bulimia machine in a little bag. It will be the end of Chinese buffets! They will go out of business. These folks, with this machine, could eat non-stop!

This is not funny. Dean you can do better than this.

Google it. Search on ‘Dean Kamen’. The best coverage, as ever, with the graphic pictures, will be found in the British tabloids, such as my all time favorite the Daily Mail. Here is the Daily Mail story.